1. SEK


    SEK_SimpleHearts - v 1.0 By SEK Introduction Draws Hearts on the screen based on your main actor's Hp using pictures. (pictures should be 48x48 pixels png, you just need to have a "half heart" and a "full heart" version, but they can be whatever you want: bars, dogs, hearts, coins etc...
  2. SEK


    SEK_TransferLines - v 1.0 By SEK Introduction Create a TransferLine to teleport your actor to a relative location on another map or in the same map! Features -Create vertical or horizontal transfer lines to move between places  just by creating a simple event (works with regions) -the...
  3. SEK


    SEK_ChangeActor - v 1.0 By SEK Introduction Adds the possibility to change an actor with a not fighting one, jumping your turn. Features -Change actor in battle. -Show animation on actor change. -Lock actors that you don't want to be changed. -Compatibility with DoubleX RMMV...
  4. SEK


    SEK_HiddenMembers - v 1.1 By SEK Introduction Not fighting members will be behind your fighting members! Features -Show not fighting members behind your fighting members! -Set their opacity in the plugin manager. -Change their opacity with plugin command. -Change display style. Plugin...
  5. SEK


    SEK_AllMembersFight - v 2.0 By SEK Introduction With this plugin you can set a limit to the members in battle. When someone dies, the next avaliable one joins. Features -Limit the number of fighting members. -Make an enemy appear when one dies. -Make an actor appear when one dies. -Show...
  6. SEK


    SEK_BattleTime&Rank - v 1.1 By SEK Introduction Get a fast victory and gain different amounts of exp and gold! Features You can set different multipliers for exp and gold based on battle time. You can change multipliers, rank names and time with Plugin Commands. End Battle Message...
  7. SEK


    SEK_MoneyDivision - v 1.0 By SEK Introduction Divides your money in Gold, Silver and Copper. Note: may not work with a different shop/menu Features This script separates money in Gold, Silver & Copper, you can set the icons as you prefer. Screenshots/Video How to Use Plug & Play...
  8. SEK

    SEK_AttackCountAndFormula - v 3.3

    SEK_AttackCountAndFormula - v 3.3 By SEK Introduction Counts uses of skills and attacks and adds a bonus damage formula. You can also learn skills after using x times a skill or a weapon. Features - You can see how many times an actor uses a skill, save the counter to a variable and...
  9. SEK

    SEK_ChangeActor(SABS add-on)

    OLD PLUGIN Look for SEK_ChangeActor SEK_ChangeActor(SABS add-on) - v 1.0 By SEK Introduction This is an add-on written for SEK_SingleActorBS (SABS), I don't think it will work properly if used without it. Features This script adds the possibility to change you fighting actor...
  10. SEK


    OLD PLUGIN - Look for SEK_AllMembersFight SEK_SingleActorBS - v 1.0 By SEK Introduction I looked for this plugin for a long time, but it wasn't coming out, so I did it myself! Features With this plugin, your battles will work like Pokémon's battles: the first alive actor of your...

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