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  1. How to check if a particular item was selected?

    I'm starting an event command... 'Select Item' Then I store the item id in a variable. I want to check if the item selected was 'Sword'. How do I do this? I don't know how to access the id of the 'Sword' item. Do I have to store it in another variable, then compare the two variables? Thanks...
  2. caethyril

    Caethyril's Plugins

    Caethyril's RMMV Plugins Updated 2021-03-29: General - Cae_FaceOnRight v1.5 Looking for RPG Maker MZ plugins? Click here! Features :kaohi: I've made a variety of plugins for RPG Maker MV but most of them are quite small/simple, so don't really merit their own thread. This is a intended as a...
  3. "Select item" description

    I need a way for a little description text to appear for each of the items when using the "select item" command in the event screen. For Example: > Potions Description: An item for recovering health.
  4. omnikeith

    Select an item when you activate an event and have the script return the item

    So, I've been trying to use select_item_variable_id but that returns the id of the item i need a script call that lets you choose any item or a key item or ideally a key item with a note that I've made. I saw the code $game_message.item_choice but I'm not sure how it works or if it returns the...
  5. Rhino

    Give Item to Event (Gift Giving System!)

    “Select Item” is a new feature that was introduced to RPG Maker MV. This tutorial aims to explain and give some examples on how to use it. Covering the following: (For beginners) What the select item does and how to use it Eventing a gift giving system How to gift weapons and armors...
  6. Ace-Attorney like "select item" descriptions

    Hi all, I know this has already been done in VX ace, but I am making a game where during the 'select item' screen, I want there to be item descriptions, as in the short little 2-line blurb you see in the normal item menu. So, when you are browsing through the items to select you can see each of...
  7. vectorinox

    Weapon and armor on select item.

    RMMV already had the option to select an item to input its ID into a variable. From Select item.... you can choose regular item, key item, hidden item A and hidden item B. But how do you select armor or weapon? Also, is there a way to move the select item... window? It opens on the top...
  8. Rink27

    Custom Select Item Menu

    Hi, I'm trying to customize the Select Item menu. It disables other menus and appears at the top. I was wondering if it was possible to make the selection appear over the previous window box, appear with a transparent background and/or move around (For example, appear in the middle). I'm aware...
  9. cuby

    "Select Item" lists weapons and armors as well

    When using "Select Item", only items are available in the list. Many times, it's necessary to have an item that also happens to be a weapon or armor, but currently there's no way to list a player's entire inventory, and not simply items. There were a few scripts for VXAce that did this, but...
  10. EthanZ

    Select Item - Hide Item Quantity

    Hey everyone, first time posting up here (I think this is the right place for this): I am wondering if there is a means in MV yet to hide the quantity of items when employing the Select Item command. There was a script in VX Ace that did this for Key Items, but I have not found an equivalent in...
  11. Tommy Gun

    What are some good uses for "Select Item"?

    This is not about *how* (coding-wise) to use Select Item, but *why* you use it -- what are some good uses? What are some ideas for Hidden Items? I made a tutorial for Key Items in Ace, and want to make one for MV that shows some good functions. I have some ideas: - achievements - quest log -...

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