1. tale

    Touch Target Select (touch compatibility)

    MPP_TouchTargetSelect - 2018/01/13 (ver. 1.8) Creator name: Mokusei Penguin Overview Select characters by touch in battle target selection. Features - Character/ enemy selection with touch control - Parameter for cursor position adjustment - Control the speed for rotation/ animation width -...
  2. AgentN107

    [Solved]How to select last?

    Hello i'm a new scripter and I have looked far and wide for this but had no luck. I am trying to make it so when the select a comand it opens a window then when they back out of the second window it is still selected on that command. I found in the menu and item menu have something in there code...
  3. Okralord

    Select Item/Weapon/Armor get Icon ID

    Yo, yo yo. I'm looking for a plugin that lets the player select an item, weapon, or armor from their inventory and stores the icon index in a variable. I've spent some time looking for something like this and trying to come up with something myself but I'm not having any success. Thanks in...
  4. File Select Tries to Load Nonexistent Image File

    My brother's having an issue where when he tries to access file select, either through saving or loading, instead he gets an error message saying it can't load an image (an old character portrait image which doesn't exist anymore). We're both kinda noobs with RPG Maker, but I figure I just have...
  5. Emperor DragonBreath

    Equipping two or more weapons, but choosing which to attack with?

    So basically, I want to make a game where you can equip characters with two or four different types of weapons, but you can't use all your weapons at the same time. You have to choose which weapon your character will attack with every turn. This is a concept I got from the SaGa series!
  6. Harken_W

    Enable targeting/selection when under rage/berserk.

    I'd like a plugin that will allow me to still select my target when my character is under a rage/berserk state (Can only attack). This will allow my character(s) under the rage state to just keep attacking, without me having to select 'attack', but will allow me to choose the target of their...
  7. GoodSelf

    Name Imput based on Actor Selection

    Hello all - so I'm going to have well over 60+ characters in my game, and there's no telling which characters a player will have/use at any given point in the game. Now, I want to be able to change the names of these characters, but setting up an event manually with conditions if you have...
  8. Mr. Trivel

    Map Nodes Travel

    Author: Mr. Trivel Name: Map Nodes Travel Version: 1.0 Created: 2016-03-31   What does it do? Allows to travel to different maps through node selection.   Video:   How to use? Setting up nodes Open up...
  9. Mr. Trivel

    Map Selection

    Name: Map Selection Version: 1.1 Author: Mr. Trivel Created: 2016-03-28   What does it do? Allows to travel to different maps from a single scene.   Gif:   How to use? Plugin Commands: MapSelection Start - Enters Map Selection Scene MapSelection Add...
  10. gibbotron09

    Key Item Description When Hovering After 'Select Item' Event

    Hey everyone, I was curious if anyone knows of a way to show the description inputted in the 'Items' creation tab in game, when using the 'Select Item' event option. I want the user to be able to hover over an item (without selecting it) and have a description window pop up with the...
  11. Val

    Why Magic is always the Default selection in battle even after I used a Skill?

    Hi everyone, Why Magic is always the Default selection in battle even after I used a Skill? Everything is in the title! Can someone help me? If I choose a skills, why my character havent the skills by default the next turn? Its work with guard and attack but not with skills why? à thank! 
  12. Select Text Window

    I have a basic scene with a single window the size of the screen. I put a bunch of drawText making 3 columns of statistics. Now I am wondering how to make the text have a cursor. I was able to replace column 1 with a command window but I could not figure out how to create custom commands that...
  13. estriole

    EST - Build And Decor EX

     ■ Information      ╒══════════════════════════╛  EST - Build And Decor EX  Version: 1.6  By Estriole  File name: EST_Build_And_Decor_EX.js  ■ Introduction     ╒══════════════════════════╛     Conversion of my EST - BUILD AND DECOR SERIES script from ACE.  Mainly this script make you can have...
  14. Milena

    Select Function problem

    def alive_members if @inv_enemy.any? result ={|member| member.alive? && !member.invisible?} if invisible_enem super else result end else super end endhow can you interpret this in JavaScript / convert in...
  15. MeowFace

    Chapter Select

    Made for a request here. Features: [1] Game starting by selecting a Chapter. [2] Unlock-able new chapters. [3] Each Chapter able to start with its own map & starting characters. [4] Inheritable save files for each chapter. [5] Can set up to 10 Chapters max. [6] Change-able Background/Text...
  16. Select multiple choices

    Hello everybody. Well, my question is you can create a choice where the player can select multiple options instead of just one, before proceeding to any action? For example, if was a listbox, he could select multiple elements of that list.   Att, Hugo M.
  17. CharcoalKidd

    Disable skill through script?

    I'm writing a script, but I can't figure out how to gray out a skill. I'm trying to gray out any skill that has a TP cost higher than another variable I've previously determined. I've trying friggin' around with "enable?(skill)" under Window_SkillList, but that hasn't yielded anything. Suggestions?
  18. Tripred

    Character Selection?

    Hello and thanks for reading my post  :D I want to make it so that at the start of my game a player can choose from x (starting with 2-3 then gradually add more as I make the game) amount of pre-made characters and then all of the characters, besides the one the player chooses, will be...
  19. Hiek

    MOG Character Select (very small edit)

  20. Three Questions..

    Ok so i have three questions...1=Highest priority 1.I have 10 classes and start of as a ghost with nothing so i can pick a class and get the items BUT i cant change the sprite...This is what i have so far. @>Text   A monk well at buffing and debuffing!   He only intends good deeds.Main...

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