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  1. Temporary Switch States

    In my game I have a scene where the players are running from a guard. If the guard catches them, it triggers a fight. That event is working fine, but I want to set it so that when the battle ends, the guard collapses. I want to set it up so that the guard will stay down until the player leaves...
  2. ozubon

    ozu_Self – No-Frills Self-Variables

    ozu_Self 1.0 by ozubon Introduction This is a self-variable or event variable plugin using mere 13 lines of code. Self-variables are saved with the game save, and persist through maps. Self-variables? What? Instead of using game variables for every event you can give the event its own...
  3. Parallax Panda

    Yanfly's Self Switches & Variables (Lunatic Script Calls)

    I'm using Yanfly's Self Switches & Variables plugin: And there is some script calls in the "lunatic section" of the help file that I'm trying to use but it doesn't seem to work for me. I'm trying to use the "Control Variable" event...
  4. karinthefox

    NPC disappears before the fading out effect

    Hello everyone! So, I have an NPC event where my main character talks to her and after she's done, she transfers to another map. The thing is, when my protagonist transfers, the event keeps going for a little while since she has a few more lines of dialogue. The problem is that when I do the...
  5. The_Black_Knight

    Reset events on area change.

    So, I have enemies that walk a round the map, and once fought dissapear. I would like for these enemies to be reset on map change, which would at the moment require the transition to somehow changes all the enemies Self-Switches off. How on earth would I go around doing this? So to elaborate...
  6. Philsco

    Self Switch check via script call?

    Okay, so in VX Ace, you could use $game_self_switches[[map, event, 'self_switch']] = value to manipulate an event's self switch. For example: $game_self_switches[[@map_id, 7, 'C']] = true would change event 7 on the current map's self switch "C" to "On," since in that code @map_id referenced...
  7. Harosata

    DL: Self Switch Reset

    Script: Self Switch Reset Difficulty: Easy Short Version: Reset an Event's Self Switches when changing maps. --- So pretty much the idea for this script came from thinking: if I give an Event a "Status Effect" A that turns him into an old man, I don't want to leave that old A on when I come...
  8. Resetting Map Events

    So I've got enemy encounters setup as events on the map, and I'm looking for a way to to setup an event that resets them. Does anyone know a good way to implement this? BTW, I don't want them to automatically reset every time the player switches maps. Right now I'm thinking that I could have...
  9. Rink27

    Globally Reset a Self-Switch

    Hello, is there a way to globally reset a self-switch for all events? Scenario: I would have numerous versions of the typical chest event which is permanently deactivated by use of a Self-Switch (Let's say C). I would like a feature in my game to be able to turn off Self-Switch C for ALL events...
  10. Nerdboy

    Help! Self Step Switch On/off problem

    hi, im i dont really understand step switch on/off and using the next page to trigger. here's my code so far for event. Control Variables: #0001 trap step Steps (Game Data) if trap step >= 3  self switch A On floor count += 1 trap step = 0 on the next page i have self...
  11. Self Switch Conditional Branches?

    So, I know we can control self switches remotely using script calls, but how do I check a remote self switch in a conditional branch? If I remember correctly, VX Ace had a script call for this, but I can't seem to find an equivalent command for MV.
  12. Self Switch delete not working?

    I'm sorry if this has been answered before,but I have already checked a few solutions and they don't seem to work for me. I'm trying to make a conditional branch that removes an obstacle when you have a certain item by using self switches but I can't get it to work. Here's my event:
  13. Substitute Switch for Self Switch in existing Script

    Hello. I am a complete noob who is trying to make a game that is far too ambitious for my own good. I need a simple substitution in my script that I think should be an easy fix. This is a vision script for my Enemy AI. When detected, it activates Switch 1. I need it to activate the...
  14. princewes

    Self Switches?

    so im fairly new to rpg maker vx ace and i need a little help. none of the tutorials ive found have been able to help me with my problem im trying to have a person talk to my player, enter a battle with a monster, and then have the person join my players party. i can do all that, but i can't...
  15. Senshu

    Self switch resetting

    One of the mistakes I made last time I went to make a game was I exclusively used Standard switches instead of ANY self switches. Needless to say things got cluttered and confusing fast. So i'm trying to learn about the different ways to use self switches, and so I just want to ask a question...
  16. sertianscompany

    Clear ALL selfswitches

    Hello! :) I'm doing a puzzle game and to be able to restart the level, I need to clear all the self switches of the map, BUT not all the selfswitches of the game (cause I have a common area which has self switches). I know that this script code: $gameSelfSwitches.clear() clears all the self...
  17. Timer Issues

    Can I make the Timer INVISIBLE and also, can I make it persistent so that even after the timer is checked, it would continue to countdown until it ran out. That way when player comes back and it's not ready, they'll be told so and move to the shop processing screen, but if they check again and...
  18. Zelgadis85

    [SOLVED] Resetting all self switches to OFF state upon game start... Need optimizing, please.

    Hi, I am having a blast using MV. My game demo allows for saving at the end for a sort-of NewGame+ mode, where you keep all your experience, items and gold. But I noticed that all self switches I used were still set ON. I guess that is to be expected, though. Because those self switches hinder...
  19. baramoose

    giving NPCs items?

    I'm new to RPG maker I started getting heavily into it yesterday so its all very new. I am currently working on a "test run" where I can figure out how to do certain things.  I am currently trying to figure out how to give an NPC an item but also not being able to open certain dialogues...
  20. Self Switch not activating.

    I am making a fishing tutorial for my game using self switches. Using Yanfly Engine Ace - Debug Extension v1.01 I have determined that the self switch is not switching on. What am I doing wrong with my code? - The quest to get basic fishing rod. - Fishing event pg 1 - Fishing event pg 2...

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