self switches

  1. Controlling self switches from common events

    Hello friends! I didn't find any information about this in the forum. I guess my question is if it's possible to control the state of a self switch of an event via common events. Maybe it involves some scripting, if that is the case I would really appreciate if you could help me out! Thank you...
  2. Ichigoeater

    How to place multiple, separate events on one tile

    Hi, everyone. I am VERY new to the RPG Maker game system, but have gone through tutorials for literal days. I've tried looking for an existing post to my problem, and it may be telling that it doesn't seem to exist. This may be a stupid question. You see, in my game there is a point where...
  3. Warped_Tales

    Turn off all Self Switch 'A's

    Does anyone know of a simple way of resetting all self switches, but only relating one letter (self switch A for example), in an entire project? Ideally a simple script would be great but I'm happy to use a plugin if anyone knows of one. Thanks in advance!
  4. Yurii

    How to check if an event has switches?

    UPD: SOLVED—see the solution below. I'm writing a plugin to control self-switches remotely from other events. It's already working pretty well. Although, I'd like to add a debug message whether an event, which self-switch I want to change to, does not have that specific self-switch. In...
  5. Substitute Switch for Self Switch in existing Script

    Hello. I am a complete noob who is trying to make a game that is far too ambitious for my own good. I need a simple substitution in my script that I think should be an easy fix. This is a vision script for my Enemy AI. When detected, it activates Switch 1. I need it to activate the...
  6. princewes

    Self Switches?

    so im fairly new to rpg maker vx ace and i need a little help. none of the tutorials ive found have been able to help me with my problem im trying to have a person talk to my player, enter a battle with a monster, and then have the person join my players party. i can do all that, but i can't...
  7. Todeswalzer

    Todes Remote Self Switches

    Name: Todes_RemoteSelfSwitches Version: 1.0 Author: Todeswalzer Created: 10 March 2016   What does it do? Allows the control and manipulation of event Self Switches from other events. Eg. Interacting with event 5 will activate the Self Switch A on event 23.    ...
  8. mxjennylennon

    Joining Party Members/Pesky Switches

    I'm working on my game, I'm currently stuck very close to the beginning. Basically, the game starts and you leave your house and go outside to see one of the actors, who joins your party just to go to the next location, meeting this other character that you fight. You get properly introduced...
  9. How do I set down a picked up item?

    Hey there, Hopefully the title isn't too confusing. I'm really new to RPG Maker and I have a small game I want to make. Something I can finish. With some research into Self Switches I've figured out how to make a sprite change or disappear, indicating you've picked it up. But I haven't been...
  10. Roish

    Syntax Error for simple script: $game_self_switches

    Hey All, I'm getting a syntax error for running some script in an event: The script is: $game_self_switches[[@map_id,1,'A']] = true   I thought this was pretty straightforward.. I'm trying to get the current event ("Door1" or EV002) to force EV001 (who's within the same map) to turn its...
  11. Geekbydesign

    RMVXAce - Tip for Newbs determining fault in their events

    I apologize as this isn't a problem, but I wasn't sure where to post this?  (First time poster)  I've read through other posts and haven't found this information available, so I thought I would share it. I'm a newb myself, and was having issues using switches.  I was creating an event that...
  12. Voxgizer

    A Beginner's Guide To Cutscenes

    In my short time here, I've seen quite a few threads asking about cutscenes and how to make opening cinematics. This guide was created to help new users become more familiar with creating cutscenes on a very basic level (Can't stress this enough!). It's a guide by a beginner, for beginners.  I...
  13. Solistra

    SES Switches and Variables (Access by name and more)

    SES Switches and Variables v1.0 by Solistra Introduction This script allows you to access and use switches, variables, and event self-switches in a more flexible manner than that used by RMVX Ace by default. Most notably, you can access these elements by name rather than by numerical index only...
  14. Quigon

    [Ace] Turning off a large amount of self switches with a script call.

    Hi there! I used to have a script call for something like this but I can't for the life of me remember what it was, and it was for VX too so I have no idea if it'd work. Basically, I'm trying to recreate the Dark Souls respawn system, whereby activating a save point will respawn every enemy...
  15. AlaiaVee

    The Self Data Suite (Self Switches, Variables, and Metadata for Everything)

    This is really cool, looks like a nice framework for attaching data to anything you want. I may be just starting out in RGSS scripting, but I can already think of a couple things I've wanted to implement that this will help out with. Great work and thanks for sharing!

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