self variables

  1. Seerfree

    [SOLVED, NEVERMIND][VX Ace] Figuring out How To Use Another Fen's Self Variables Script

    I desperately need a self-variables script for my project, and I found one here but I'm having trouble figuring out how to get it working. I used Google Translate to read the instructions as the site is in...
  2. Iavra

    Iavra Self Variables

    Description Adds self variables to the game, that work similar to self switches. Author Iavra Parameters @param Container Name @desc Name of the self variables container. Default: $gameSelfVariables @default $gameSelfVariables @param Plugin Command @desc Name of the plugin command...
  3. Mistral

    Self Variables?

    Hi! I guess the title is self-explanatory. Is there a way to have self variables? Using regular variables isn't really effective and rather time consuming when you have multiple events that works the same way. I'd like to just copy them without worrying about changing a bunch of variables each...
  4. AlaiaVee

    The Self Data Suite (Self Switches, Variables, and Metadata for Everything)

    This is really cool, looks like a nice framework for attaching data to anything you want. I may be just starting out in RGSS scripting, but I can already think of a couple things I've wanted to implement that this will help out with. Great work and thanks for sharing!

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