sell prices

  1. LMichelle

    Help figuring out forum rules & Tileset Pricing Help Needed

    I have no idea whether this is the appropriate thread. Or if I am allowed to ask this.... But: I have been thinking of distributing some of the pixel art tileset I made. The thing is, I want RPG Maker users to be able to get them for free if they want, but also to be able to donate if they want...
  2. Percid

    Different Selling Price per Shop

    Hello, I have been searching for some plugin that would allow me to set up sell prices for certain items per shop or region. I would like my game to rely on trading for money instead of getting currency from monsters. The purpose is to, as you quest, you stock up on goods and sell elsewhere...
  3. Kino

    EIS Shop System

    Intro: This plugin handles managing shops in the game giving you more shop features. Version: 1.00 Features: Randomized Shops Adjusting Shop sell prices Shops with item stock restocking item shops Adjusting randomized item prices Instructions: Install the script with...

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