semi-open world

  1. Kitty_Rika

    RMMV Labyrinthians - an adventure RPG based on exploration and story

  2. ViolentFerret

    RMMV Pineport

    DISCLAIMER: This game contain images of violence / gore and handles topics like psychological disorders, abuse, suicide and religion. (Only the protagonists)
  3. The_Trinity

    RMMV Above & Below - Demo v1.3 Active!

    Above & Below is a semi-open world, story-driven RPG about how a search for one girl’s lost memory becomes a desperate struggle to defy prophetic destiny and uncover how the after-effects of a thousands-year-old war reshaped the fates of two intertwined worlds. Geraria has always been known...

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Our water started to work again, now i don't have to fill up our toilet with water again.
Finally able to return to work after months of lockdown. My poor feet are hurting :( I need to get used to working again haha
My birthday was yesterday and tomorrow marks the day my grandpa died around 5-6 years ago. I think about him a lot, and surprisingly had grown to become interested in programming- something he'd done for a living among other things. Funny how life works. I'm just glad I was able to enjoy yesterday with my immediate family. Anyway- guess who's 9 + 10?
Sometimes I don't understand my life LOL :3

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