1. AeroFunk80

    RMMV Tales of Yuria 2: The Gilded Crown

    "Religion isn’t bad when put in the hands of those who follow it’s true teachings. It only becomes corrupt when wicked people pervert it to achieve their own selfish agendas." -Angelican Helena Rostling Engine RPG Maker MV Synopsis Introducing-Senn the Bard The Cast Features...
  2. Hollow 1977

    Final Fantasy X-3

    We may see a sequel to Final Fantasy X-2 but the question is will it include the novel and drama X-Will. From the drama we see Yuna reverting to being a summoner again and praying continually. Tidus and Yuna are not totally together and live in separate areas. Yuna living Besaid and Tidus in...
  3. Anthro7

    "How do I..." call save file from prequel to sequel

    /\ This. How is it accomplished, please? =( The best I can find is a video on youtube where the fellow tries to teach you how to write an external text file for MV, but as I'm using VX Ace, it's a lot of guess work for my non-coder-self to translate his java to ruby. Simply setting up some kind...
  4. captainhellfireband

    Password system for player level and items

    Ahoy guys! Hey I'm just wonderin has anyone thought of creating a password system that correlates to the players level and items that they can type into a sequel and start with everything they finished the last game with? I'm about to release a game in 2 parts and have heard that transfering...
  5. AlwaysPrinceLeo

    Returning Characters or A New Cast?

    Let's say- hypothetically- a game you guys REALLY enjoyed is coming out with a sequel! Of course depending on the plot of the sequel, deciding whether to have new characters or not is limited. Let's say the sequel is going to take place approximately 20 years in the future. The original cast...
  6. Dark Gaia

    Legionwood 2: Rise of the Eternal's Realm

    Introduction Legionwood 2: Rise of the Eternal's Realm is an epic length traditional role playing game created in RPG Maker VX Ace and a direct sequel to the much loved Legionwood: Tale of the Two Swords. It is the first installment in the epic Legionwood 2 saga. Legionwood 2 features a 12+...

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