seriously guys its 2012 now

  1. WyreWizard

    Random encounters considered harmful

    I have to say I agree with you.  I love RPGs but DONT love random encounters. I like to go explore a dungeon or overworld area, but I vehemently dislike being dragged into a battle, disrupting my exploration or puzzle-solving. I mean let me ask this, how many of you go through a very maze-like...

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When you realize @Kupotepo is a champion among RM Web users, and it all makes sense now:
Worst nightmare this morning, tried to get 20 minutes of work done on my project before heading to work and got hit with a POWER SURGE. Restarted my computer and the project was CORRUPTED, luckily I made a back up a few days ago so I only lost 4 days of work but still
what the other name of Elixir?

many games are use that,i want name it different.
What does your project folder look like?
I was told that an iPhone can provide a personal internet hotspot...You learn something new everyday!

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