1. Discord Server

    I think that RPG Maker should have a discord server! This server will have channels to talk about the makers, get some resources, and even support other makers! PM me for the link! I hope you join!
  2. Vis_Mage

    Interest in a Community Minecraft Server?

    Hey! A couple weeks ago, Minecraft released its biggest update in a long while, the 1.13 Aquatic Update, breathing a lot of life into the game, at least for me. It really rekindled my love for the game. And so, I was curious if there was any interest in a community server, where we could all...
  3. Lakaroth

    Best Hosting/Server (Performance)

    Hello there, wich server solution you suggest me for a web app made with RMMV? In terms of performance and user limits. Apache or nginx? Also i was thinking about this... An RMMV browser game it's playable from Desktop or Mobile etc etc.. but if an user start a game with (for example) Mobile...
  4. Fumetsujo

    Multiplayer and MMO Server (quasi real-time)

    Hi peeps, I've worked on a way to make Rpgmaker MV work in multiplayer. This with built-in chat & seeing other players.  You are allowed to do with it whatever you want, but if it's a commercial project do mention my name "Fumetsujo" please.  Info:  Fumetsujo multiplayer/MMO Server...
  5. Mikleo

    Summoners War

    Anyone playing Summoners War here? What's your server? :D
  6. Master_Of_RPGs

    Server For (LITE) activation 404s

    Please help! I am using VirtualBox to create a Windows 7 system specifically to use VX Ace Lite. But I get a 404 message from the server! All firewalls are disabled! Help!
  7. Purzelkater

    CBAM - Cloud Based Asynchronous Multiplayer

    CBAM V0.9.2 by Purzelkater Introduction The CBAM system gives you the ability to create asynchronous multiplayer games with server based savegame storage. If you don't know what asynchronous multiplayer means, take a look at the FAQ. To use CBAM you need - beside the RPG Maker MV of...
  8. Purzelkater

    [Tutorial] CBAM - Cloud Based Asynchronous Multiplayer

      Tutorial - Part 1: Installation & Basics With this tutorial I will give you some guides how CBAM can be used. Well, to be fair, English is not my native language so there may be some misspellings and most screenshots will be on German too. But don't worry, the plugin and the scripts...
  9. SirMcPotato

    RMMV MMO Devkit with Nodejs + Socket.io

    GitHub - Sources (zip)   Hi there! I wanted to introduce you my MMO devkit for RPG Maker MV, built under NodeJs & Socket.io. I had this project idea when I saw that RMMV would run JavaScript as scripting engine. I thought it will work with the javascript V8 engine (the same as...
  10. eivl

    Communicating with a server via API Calls and/or JSON

    Can you communicate with a server from within a game? I don't know about any limitations in MV, but if there is none, you should be able to read data from an external server that delivers JSON. Could you also do API calls as well?
  11. Gameducation

    modern Server/Office tiles

    Hello I can't seem to find any Server tiles. (I was hoping they were in the futuristic tileset dlc). Anyway they are still very importing for my game as It has to do a lot with hacking. I would like to ask you guys if you have seen any server tiles or if you would like to make some. As an...
  12. DarkAnimeStudio

    [XP]Setting Up A Server (Help Needed)

    Hello my team (DAS) and I are currently hard at work developing our MMO known as Incorporated using RMX-OS on Rpg Maker XP. Now I myself have set up personal servers countless times using both RMX-OS (RMXP) & Telam Ludus (RMVX). How ever this is not our current problem. Instead of having the...
  13. makorn645

    Is there an online Script?

    Is there an online system script that lets you do such as : Register/Login,Trade items,PVP,Minigames,Guild,Leaderboards,Messaging?

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