1. Frankster300

    What does RPG Maker own when it comes to your content? (Dev Input?)

    Note: I'm using "RPG Maker" as the general term for the company that owns this website. I dont know the real company (companies?) that own this website, but i am referencing them when it comes to saying RPG Maker. So as a child of two parents who went to law school... i find this in the terms...
  2. Benja

    SERVICE ConLanging for the building of a world [COMPLETELY FREE!]

    Worldbuilding A vital step in the creation of any game. Where does it take place? What is the environment? What is the culture like? Every great RPG indulges in the wonders of creating an immersive world, with fleshed out surroundings an rich history, but how about we take it a step further...
  3. AbyssalDarkness

    SERVICE Tester Offer.*Closed 9/2/2018*

    -09-02-2018- Sorry for the peoples I was supposed to help but I couldn't find the time. I will reclose this offer for sometimes, I got to many things to take care off away from the screen to be reliable at this time. Once I "Fix my life" and really do have the time I might re-open, meanwhile...
  4. Arcmagik

    FREE Legion Saga MV [Recruiting Mappers]

    There exists in the annals of the yesteryear a game that was considered a classic of the cloistered community of the RPGMaker 2000 engine. It was released in 2001 during a time when there were a few actual completed games... it went on to spawn an entire trilogy of games and an attempted remake...
  5. Tyranida

    Special Icons

    Do you have that one skill that you can't find a fitting icon for? Or that special dish that they serve at Mama Jo's restaurant that you just can't find in the icon sheet? Well, I'm here to help you! With Yanfly's beautiful Icon Generator, I make icons that are made specially for that one...
  6. eadgear

    Classifieds -offer and service missing. Some recommendation

    I'm just new here and I expect to build a shop here but notice that the classifieds -offer and service is missing. Through research I found out that the main reason is those stupid people advertised and just gone in a thin air, posting ad repeatedly or unrelated to RPG maker. I'm a deviantart...
  7. starlord

    [CLOSED] Kylo's Services Corner

    =========================================================================================================================== UPDATE (8/31/2016) - I'm currently closing this thread due to school works. (I'm from the Philippines and we have started school since June) I thought I have some free...
  8. Camerovski

    Want Music for Your Game?

         Hi, I'm a college student who has plenty of free time and wants to follow through on his interest in making music. I'm more than willing to make music for your projects for free, though I would definitely prefer to work on a project that at least has some concept art and a good amount of...
  9. SamGreen

    Mapper/Parallax Mapper

    Hey there, so I've had a good look through the first few pages of this board, and nothing's really caught my eye, or a project I did take an interest to didn't seem to be looking for a mapper, so I've made my own thread here seeing if someone out there wants to use my services. I would work...
  10. BigToastie

    Toasties Testing Centre

    Hi All, I've been meaning to post here for a long time, I want to give back something to this forum that has helped me so much (and still helps me so much) creating my own game! I will happily test any games, give out my opinions of the game (as a gamer - not as an expert), as well as any...
  11. Skunk

    Looking for eventers for my project (Willow Mist)

    Hey folks, I am working on a project at the moment with two other people. One is mapping, One is working on script amalgamation and I am working on the majority of writing and game design. I am looking for someone who has a bit more experience eventing than we currently do, I am willing to...
  12. Will test any game for free!

    So im new to the forum, and I figured a good way to build up some street rep. Is to help people with the only skill I have, critisism. So, in a basic sense, I will test out any and all games and give honest feedback. Just post a link in the comments center, and any way you prefer it to be...
  13. Tyranida

    Dialogue writer!

    So, you have an idea, and you have a protagonist. The battles are all set up, and the music and maps are amazing. But what about the dialogue? Dialogue, for me, is extremely important. Not only what they say, but how they say it. Pauses, balloon icons, sound effects, facial expressions... I...
  14. Rozel

    Free portrait art for your game. (Closed)

    EDIT: I'm doing art for three different projects now, so I'll be closing this off for a little bit~ Hello. I would like to offer my art for free, but only for a project I can be excited about as well. I'll be willing to do bust portraits for your game. I can make lots of different facial...
  15. FroggyGames

    Need A Musical Artist?

    Do you struggle to find a musical artist, or just cannot make your own. Look no further, because I am here. I can help with game OST. Reply to this topic if you need me.  Important stuff:  1. Only reply to this topic if you need me for 1 or two songs, or just want more information 2...
  16. luckyducky777

    need custom gfx of Bots (team work plz) hi, i'm new to the forums, but not game making. If you check my video link (don't know how to post actual video in forum post) You'll hear and watch a basic sketch of what I'm working on, called "Hackers & Demons" *don't mind the video compression or lag...
  17. Avis_Tonitrui

    Looking for a team to accumulate experience with

    Hello there, I am new to this community and don't have that many skills to help contribute to the community, so I was curious if anyone out there would be willing to put up with someone getting a hang on the ropes of game developing.  I have basic knowledge of almost all aspects of RPG maker...
  18. Liquidize

    Plugin developer looking for a project (CLOSED)

    Plugin Developer looking for a project!   Short and Sweet Explanation: I am a javascript/rmmv plugin developer looking to join in on a project, be it a little project or big project! I can't do much mapping,or art,or that stuff but I can definitely make your gameplay mechanics come true :) !  ...
  19. tobitako

    Do you need a proofreader? It has to be a proofreader...

    Hello children, I'd like to offer my services in proofreading dialogue and such. I may give some ideas and suggestions as well if I feel that something doesn't tie together too well.  I'm looking to do this because I've played way too many games that seem more unpolished than they should...
  20. Merancapeman

    Musician Looking For Opportunity

    Let's start with this, and forgive the bluntness of it: I do not want to perpetuate the idea of a starving artist that should be paid with exposure.   WITH THAT SAID....        I'm perfectly ok with working on projects for free if that has to be the case. But with this in mind, understand...

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