1. Enelvon

    Demiurge -- A Notes Manager and Extensible Database (Updated to v1.1)

    Demiurge v1.1 by Enelvon     Introduction Demiurge is a program designed to simplify the management of the popular "Note tag" style of script configuration. It is also capable of acting as an extensible database if one possesses a basic knowledge of the way that JRuby interfaces with Java --...
  2. sapiboong

    SES Dynamic Time: How to make an event happens after an event has been executed for several hours?

    Sorry for the long title, even I am confused when reading it again...  I'm using SES Dynamic Time, which can be found here:  http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/6589-ses-dynamic-time/ What I want to do is: After I choose to send a message, I will receive a reply 2 hours (time in...
  3. Enelvon

    Twitch Plays RPG Maker (A Truly Vile Ritual, v1.0)

    Twitch Plays RPG Maker v1.0 by Enelvon Introduction This grimoire uses my knowledge of dark magic to channel the corrupted power of the internet's denizens into RPG Maker. By trapping their essences inside the engine, they are forced to play the game to the best of their (questionable)...
  4. Solistra

    SES Backtrace (Print full error backtrace, optionally capture all exceptions.)

    SES Backtrace v1.3 by Solistra Summary This script provides the missing full error backtrace for RGSS3 as well as a number of features related to exception handling for debugging. Normally, the error message given when an exception is encountered provides only the exception information...
  5. Enelvon

    Target Manager v1.0 (Initial Release)

    SES Target Manager v1.0 by Enelvon Introduction This script is designed to provide a more useful Target Manager than the one present in the base Ace scripts. It *may* work with custom battle systems as long as they don’t contain their own target managers, but may conflict with them in terms...
  6. Enelvon

    Enhanced Events v2.2 (Small enhancements, moved samples to an addon)

    Enhanced Events v2.2 by Enelvon Introduction This script adds in some new features for events, including extra conditions (such as script calls or requiring more than one actor to be in the party), moving like a boat, ship, or airship, and changed passability so that events set as Below...
  7. Enelvon

    SES Bestiary v1.2 (Now with Demiurge plugin!)

    SES Bestiary v1.2 by Enelvon Introduction This script is intended to provide an extremely customizable bestiary for use in a variety of situations. Every aspect of the layout can be altered by the developer, including the number of pages and types of information displayed. Future updates are...
  8. Enelvon

    Window_Book v3.0 (First Standalone Public Release)

    Window Book v3.0 by Enelvon Introduction This script is essentially a scripter's resource, but it has been optimized for use by those with little-to-no experience in scripting. It provides a parent class for multi-page windows, with a focus on those used to display information (though it is...
  9. Solistra

    SES Benchmark (Measure code execution speed.)

    SES Benchmark v1.0 by Solistra Introduction This script provides a simple benchmarking tool similar to the Benchmark module present in the Ruby standard library. Essentially, this script allows you to run specified code and objectively determine its execution speed. This is primarily a...
  10. Solistra

    SES Lexicon (Browse script source in-game.)

    SES Lexicon v1.2 by Solistra and Enelvon Introduction This script provides information and browsing capabilities for all of the RGSS3 scripts that are present in the RPG Maker VX Ace Script Editor. Script source code may be browsed and paginated in-game with the use of a REPL (such as the SES...
  11. Solistra

    SES Debugger (Set break points with contextual awareness.)

    SES Debugger v1.2 by Solistra Introduction This script provides a simple debugger with break point functionality using the SES Console. Essentially, you establish a series of break points on specific lines within scripts in the Ace Script Editor — when the line is encountered, execution stops...
  12. Solistra

    SES Tracer (Trace code execution and call stack.)

    SES Tracer v1.5 by Solistra and Enelvon Introduction This script provides a simple, customizable tracer which can be used as a debugger or information-gathering tool for Ruby code. By default, the output from the tracer shows a visual representation of the Ruby call stack with relevant...
  13. Solistra

    SES Test Case (Unit testing framework.)

    SES Test Case v1.0 by Solistra Introduction This script provides a simple unit testing framework for RPG Maker VX Ace with very simple expectation-style formatting for test cases. Essentially, this script allows you to use test-driven development from within RPG Maker VX Ace without depending on...
  14. Solistra

    SES Console (An advanced REPL for RMVX Ace.)

    SES Console v1.2 by Solistra and Enelvon Introduction This script provides an interactive Ruby console through the RGSS Console with a number of advanced features. This is primarily a scripter's tool. In addition to the core script, you may also download a zipped package of default external...
  15. Solistra

    SES Switches and Variables (Access by name and more)

    SES Switches and Variables v1.0 by Solistra Introduction This script allows you to access and use switches, variables, and event self-switches in a more flexible manner than that used by RMVX Ace by default. Most notably, you can access these elements by name rather than by numerical index only...
  16. Enelvon

    External Text v3.3.4 (Write your game in an organized manner! Translate with ease!)

      Introduction This script allows you to display text (as the Show Text event command) that is stored in external files. It will automatically wrap the text and divide it into as many messages as necessary, saving you the trouble of worrying about it yourself. The external files are extremely...

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