set move path

  1. Requesting assistance/clarity regarding specific event planning

    I'm new and working on an incredibly slow computer, so I apologize if this isn't posted in the right place. I'm sure someone will complain or move it. Again, sorry. I'm working with the basic VX Ace software with no scripts. Here's what I am trying to accomplish: Player talks to NPC -> NPC...
  2. Lemonilla

    [RMXP] Whenever 'set move path' is listed, giant colored box appears over event.

    I am currently attempting to use FEXP to create a fire emblem style game. Bare with me please, I have only had RMXP for a couple of days, but am getting pretty desperate. Whenever I attempt to make a character move (in a cut-scene) a giant tan box appears over them. I have no idea why this...

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