set movement route

  1. KuroJulia

    NPC Cutscene: coming out of a door

    Hello! Here I am with yet another question, bear with me. So, my goal is to make an NPC (a monster) come out of a door, making two steps or so, and then the player would make a few steps backward and run away. My first problem: the NPC doesn't move, even though he has a Movement Route...
  2. Drekex

    Having trouble setting a temporary stop or slowing enemy movement in my Tower Defence.

    How it works with Galv’s projectile script, is that when an event with the projEffect comment is hit, the event set in the projectile movement route script is triggered. I tried to use a normal movement route, but when a different speed is triggered by an outside event, it breaks the intended...
  3. Blackbirdobyri

    Player clipping through walls for no reason and locking movement direction.

    Hi all, I'm currently making a mini game where my player is "locked" to move horizontally by a parallel event that might cause some clipping. It's also no the best way to "lock" movement, though I haven't found any other way yet. I guess my question has two parts. This is the small conditional...
  4. MightyEgg

    How I choose a Individual sprite in Set Movement Route

    I know someone asked the same thing but I was reading the post and he got no solution for this and was some time ago. Im trying to make a ABS with events, but I cant choose the right sprite for that. I need to create a full 3 * 4 sprite sheet with all the animations for the actor and for the...
  5. JDevain

    How to trigger event after using Set Movement Route

    Hello, I'm using Yanfly's Move Route Core plugin. That may or may not be relevant to the solution, if there is one. I want to use Set Movement Route to make the player jump forward 1 tile, and then trigger the event that is on that tile. For example, imagine a row of events, side-by-side...
  6. Nilom

    SetMoveMoute Script for Event [solved]

    Hello everyone! I'm seaching the forums and google up and down to find a working script command for moving events with a parralel process common event. What does not work in my case is everything with " this. ". Because I absolutely need the script call to be in a parallel process. Before I...
  7. p0_boy

    Script equivalent of Player Speed?

    Hello- I was hoping that somebody might be able to tell me what the JavaScript equivalent of this is? ◆Set Movement Route:Player :Set Movement Route:◇Speed:6 The RMMV Script Calls spreadsheet has some information on using Game_Character.prototype.processMoveCommand instead of Set...

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