1. _Shadow_

    Double Dimension arrays.

    I found a solution on one of my major issues I had, while I was thinking of implementing an idea into an actual game. Here goes the solution on the thread I opened for your reference...
  2. Arto

    Cultist Sprite Needed!

    Resource Type: Walking sprite set Maker Format: MV Art Style: Pixelated, MV style Description: I have the concept art in first reference below, though if the "hands" could be clasped in front of the person instead of upwards (like in reference 2) that would be appreciated! Reference Images:
  3. _Shadow_

    Store target into variable

    So I was wondering... we can call a Common event from a Skill. Let's say we want to refer to a targeted enemy inside the common event of that skill and make a conditional branches and do stuff by probabilities and stuff. How can I set a variable to contain the targeted enemy? I know how to set...
  4. Skotty TV

    [STV] Plugins | STV_SetItems

    !!! STV_SetItems v.1.2 !!! :Author: SkottyTV Latest Updates: Description: This will add the ability to create Armor Sets Items which will give specific Bonuses/States to the wearer. PasteBin: DropBox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hs9l6fmrv4j4c92/STV_SetItems.js?dl=0 Terms of Usage: Feel...
  5. MiBa

    In Need Of Face Art

    I need custom made faces for these two Duran 22 years old Recruit of a friendly team hideout Actor Sun shades Gurg 29 years old Half wereman Main actor Brown eyes
  6. Set Event graphic script call MV

    Hi, hopefully this is an easy one, but I've spent the last hour googling and I can't find it. I need to change an event graphic through a script (to avoid a ridiculous amount of conditional branches, if you must know :p) and I have something I believe is for an earlier version of the software...
  7. Set move route problem

    Hello. I am having trouble with the set move route command  :(  For some reason when i put transparent on in set move route, I can't alter the speed of the event I am moving. This is also happening in vice versa, If i change speed than transparent on doesn't work. Is this a glitch or something...
  8. section31

    Galacti-Chron's non-chibi Warrior Pack - RPG Maker MV - 250 female/ 250 male characters

    content removed This is a pack of 250 Female and 250 Male non-chibi RPG Maker MV Characters. They are "warriors" so they are in armor basically.  I can't stand the Chibi characters and thought the community needed a massive infusion of the non-chibi style. They are randomly generated so...
  9. FishStickMystic

    Rayman Character Set!

    Who asked for this? I don't believe anyone did! But hey, still nice to just showcase something that I worked on. <--snip--> It's a little RPG-Maker-VX-Ace-ready sprite for anyone thinking of making some Rayman RPG... or some YouTuber fan-game... or something. This was made using highly...
  10. Titleset Help! (vx ace)

    i have a title set in my game but heres the thing. when i but down a table then it's deployed on problem! but when i put a item on it for example: Apple, or a sword. it when put in on my table the table disappears and the item is on the ground im not sure what i have to do in...
  11. GogeFD

    Set a new player start position (w/ script command)

    Hi RPG Makers! I am developing a new game. So I need a Script Command that be able to change/set a new player start position. I don't know if it's possible, but if it is... I would like that you write an answer with the exactly command and an example. Because... I'm not a scripting...
  12. Lunarcomplex

    How/can I set a player's stat from a variable?

    Instead of having Attack, HP, Agility, etc go up by a players level, I was wondering how (if it's possible) I would be able to manually change the players stats with a script call. For example, I would like to have the player increase their stats by collecting items. Once a player collected the...
  13. Enderdude

    script call Set Movement Route

    Hello everyone of the rpg maker forums. I'm needing a little help with the script call set movement route. I tried looking over the script call list and found no example so i'm a little stuck on how it works i'm I just missing it or is there no example  ;_;  . If anyone knows how it works could...
  14. PotionDose

    Icon Set

    Please tell me someone is able to make an icon set like this one: That was a good one for VX Ace. The base icon set we get with MV is very lacking in my opinion. Thanks!
  15. TravisTouchdown

    NPC moving from fixed route to specific coordinates?

    Hi! I'm working on my game's intro cutscene, in which an NPC (1) repeats walking on a fixed route while dialog displays (see Screenshot 1). So, naturally I set the move route to not be "wait for completion". Once (1) is done talking I intend to have another NPC (2) enter the scene and move...
  16. EliteKilljoy

    Need Artist for Face Sets and Sprites

    Okay, so for the following characters, I need:      -Face      -Sprite      -Bust or Full Body Character 1 Character 2 Character 3 Character 4 Character 5 Character 6 If you have any questions on their personalities, what they wear, etc, don't hesitate to ask.  Thanks!
  17. Set Move Route -HELP-

    Hey, I've recently started a new game using RMXP. I have an NPC talking to some characters, then have him walking out of the area. But when I tell it to make him move, after his speech, the NPC vanishes and nothing happens. Could someone please help? PIC OF MY EVENT PAGE: Any help would be...
  18. Silent Darkness

    About importing custom sprite sets into RPG Maker VX Ace

    How would you prepare a sprite sheet for importing into RPG Maker VX Ace properly? I'm sure there's a tutorial on it somewhere on the forums, but I SERIOUSLY could not find it. Probably moved somewhere obscure where I can't reach it. Got lost in the catacombs of these forums :S Help would be...
  19. RPG Maker VX Ace - Setting Variables at start

    Hello all! So I purchased a copy of 'RPG Maker VX Ace' a couple of months ago and have been working on a short game on and off for the past few months. Recently I've started to include some more complex events (such as dialogue trees, long term puzzles etc.) that rely on the use of variables...
  20. Dacuna

    I Can't Set the EXP?

    I've always thought that 9,999 damage is too many numbers. So I made it simple. 1 damage is a weak amount, and 10 is a lot of damage. I also made it so that I only had about 5 HP to start with instead of 500. I guess it gives you a larger variation of numbers, but that's not the problem. I...

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