1. Setting Controls for Playtesting

    I searched the forum and the Help for this answer, but I haven't been able to find it. How do I set up controls for play-testing? I'd like to try using different keys on the keyboard for the controls.
  2. RoseGardenGames

    Various Issues With Settings/Preferences

    Hello all! I've been having these two issues for some time now, and I'm hoping I might be able to get some help with them. 1.) I have been told that when users try to change the settings in the game, they do not save. The settings instead revert to the default when launching it again. How can I...
  3. Skill attack for all enemies / Settings, MP Cost

    Hi Guys, I wan't to use an Attack Skill for all enemies. The MP Cost of the Attack Skill should always be the same, no matter how much enemys are currently on the screen. Problem: the MP Cost in the settings is only for one single enemy attack. Is there a way to change this to total MP Cost no...
  4. Steam Cloud Settings

    Hi Guys, does someone know what to put in the Steam Cloud Settings? - Byte quota per user - Number of files allowed per user Does the OrangeSteamCloud Plugin from Hudell still work? Are other Settings necessary to get this Plugin working correctly? I do use OrangeGreenworks. Game is MV...
  5. Gamingstar


    Hello, you all know how when you have an RPGMakerVXA game open and you hit F1 the properties come up, right? Well I need to know if there's a way to give the player the option to change any of those settings in the actual GAME via events! Please help me! Thanks.
  6. tale

    Master Volume Control

    Volume Control+2016/04/23 Creator name: Ru/むっくRu (Rutan) | (English Translation by tale) Overview A script that allows you to set the volume. It can be added as an option to the title screen and/or main menu. Features You can adjust the volume (0:Mute~100:Max) ← Decrease / Increase →...
  7. DoubleX RMMV Dynamic Settings Compatibility

    Purpose Fixes DoubleX RMMV Dynamic Settings compatibility issues Games using this plugin None so far Addressed Plugins Prerequisites Nothing special Terms Of Use Changelog DoubleX RMMV Dynamic Settings Compatibility
  8. Yanfly Battle Engine Core Defaults?

    Can anyone tell me what settings I need in the plugin parameters to get the Yanfly Battle Engine Core to do absolutely nothing? I'm using another Yanfly plugin that requires it, but I don't actually want any of its features. And I can't seem to figure out how to restore MV's defaults.
  9. DoubleX RMMV Dynamic Settings

    Purpose Lets users change some system settings in game and save them Games using this plugin None so far Parameters Plugin Calls Configurations Instructions Prerequisites Abilities: 1. Little RMMV plugin development proficiency for most basic usages...
  10. Canini

    Game with a single dungeon?

    Hey all! I have recently replayed The legend of Zelda spirit tracks and phantom hourglass, games that both sort of have a central dungeon that the player returns too multiple times through the game. Now, and this is of course only my subjective opinion, but I felt that I did not enjoy that...
  11. Holy87

    Settings Menu

    Settings Menu v1.1, by Holy87 Features This Settings Menu is different from the others, because it comes with no options, but it is full-modular and full-customizable both from the user and the other scripters, in the easiest way possible. Users can create game options from variables...
  12. AE Settings for movie in RPG VX ACE

    I want to make a movie in Rpgvx ace and yes, I made one. Made it in after effects and converted to ogg. But when played its not in fullscreen. I know that the game could be set in fullscreen, but I don't want the game to be expanded/wide.  Currently using a script for the fullscreen...
  13. Quailar

    Delete please

    unintended double post.
  14. Engr. Adiktuzmiko

    Alternate setting up method for disable-able scripts

    Foreword   This is more of for static set-ups (cannot be changed in-game), and also more of just an optimization (I think) from the normal way we set-up scripts in a way that would allow the user to disable it via a setting on the script itself. Normal Way Normally, you would do something...
  15. Sixth

    Enemy Skills - The "Rating" setting

    Ahoy everyone! Recently I tried to figure out how exactly this setting works. I tried to understand the description the editor provides, I swear I tried hard, but I am not sure if I understood it right, so here I am, asking about it. Here is what I know for sure: - Enemy skills will be...
  16. runic

    Star Passability Trouble

    Hello all, I hate for this to be my intro to the forums and all, but I have been struggling for a few days with this problem, and it is just baffling to me. I'm using RPGMAKER VX ACE.   My star passability settings are being ignored by ALL my maps. They are completely impassible, as if I had...
  17. Movie settings.

    How can I add the ability to exit a movie when its playing?
  18. The Bird King

    How to change desktop icon?

    So how do I change it, I tried mr but there were no good ones there. Does anyone know a website that has game icons? 

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