1. Nekohime1989

    SF_ArmySoldier (Male Version)

    Resource Type: Battler Maker Format: MV Art Style: RTP Description: I need a male edit of the body guard below so it matches the male version SF_People3_1. Reference Images:
  2. RMMV Could use feedback on a gun-based game

    Hi everyone, this is actually my first post on the forums but I've been lurking for months. Looking forward to being a bigger part of the community. I'm working on a game called End of Solitude, which is actually based on a novel I wrote. It's a dystopian/sci fi story with action and survival...
  3. RhysO101

    Has Anyone Seen An MV Modern World Tileset with Single Tile Buildings?

    I'm looking for tilesets with modern buildings in their own tile, on their town. I'm wanting the building compacted into one tile. I need one for a little personal project.
  4. esziaprez

    Actual War resources

    Hi friends, Today, I propose some generator parts (SV actor) about military uniforms for your games. I'll add some uniforms, faces, characters if somebody is interessed but for the moment I propose : Desert operation force (inspired by us army 1st golf war). USAGE DESERT OPERATION...
  5. hmnut

    Where do the SF Actors/People come from

    I'm sure this is a stupid question. I'm sure the answer is so simple I'm going to feel like an idiot for asking it, but I've searched this board, I've searched google. While I can find recolor's for 'SF_Actors and SF_People I can't find anywhere that says where they come from. Is it a update i...
  6. Acer2020

    Acer2020 Modern Resources (Updated August 17)

    Hi everyone! When I first got hold of RMMV I noticed a lack of modern resources available. So I created and made edits of my own and thought I'd share them in case others had the same problem. I'm not a pixel artist by trade and these are some of my first sprites, so feel free to point out or...
  7. Kyuukon

    Tall SF Doors (MV)

    So, basically what I want are the MV RTP "!SF_Door1" and "!SF_Door2" in taller version. Indrah did it for the medieval doors here:  You can use them as reference for the size I'm looking for (in her thread they are listed as "medium sized doors") >.< Ideally, I'd like to employ them...

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