1. Kokonaugt

    Victor Engine SFont - crisis and death color change

    Hello! I'm using Victor Sant's Sfont plugin ( https://victorenginescripts.wordpress.com/rpg-maker-mv/sfont/ ) to have an 8 bits style bitmap font in my game. Overall it works great, I can swap colors when showing text, and most colors in menus swap as intended by the engine. My problem is that...
  2. Froggo32

    Problems with Sfont plugin

    Sooo I wanted to be able to use pixel fonts and I downloaded SFont plugin. But when I try to test my demo game, I...well...it says that ArialWhite font was failed to load. And I dont know what to do. i have just Arial font in my fonts folder, and there isnt such a thing like ArialWhite so I'm...
  3. a SFont for Victor Sant's SFont script

    I was recently figuring out how to implement Victor Sant's SFont script, which lets you use SFont files instead of TTFs (to, for instance, avoid the aliasing RPGMaker applies to characters; useful for a pixel-perfect aesthetic). I realized there wasn't any SFont I could find, other than the one...
  4. RicoRob

    Compatibility issue between SRD's Shaking Text and VE SFont

    Issue: SRD's plugin doesn't display the bitmap font that is used by Victor's plugin; it uses the default ".ttf" font instead. Image: I know it's not simple like that, but... would it possible to modify SRD's plugin to display the bitmap font? I'd ask SRD directly, but apparently he...
  5. Okk

    Precise placement of SFont Text

    I'm working on a game with a retro aesthetic, and I need the graphics to have a very specific look. To get around text anti-aliasing, I've installed the SFont plugin, along with the requisite Victor Engine Basic Module. I'm using this in tandem with the Yanfly Core Engine in order to change the...
  6. p0_boy

    Changing the MOG_ChronoEngine.js Default Font to SFont

    I am currently using MOGHUNTER’s Chrono Engine ABS plugin in my project, as well as Victor Engine’s SFont plugin. But, as displayed in the screen capture below, the Chrono Engine seems to still be using RPG Maker MV’s default font. In the last paragraph of Victor Engine’s SFont Help text...
  7. Oscar92player

    [VXAce] to [VX] VE - SFont script

    Hello everyone! Recently I wanted to revive again a project for my old RMVX, and I want to add a feature that only exists in VX Ace and MV, the SFonts or Bitmap Fonts. The original script can be found in the scripter page: VE - SFont [VXAce] And this is the complete script code...
  8. SixFootBlue

    Menu text spacing issue (Victor Engine SFonts)

    EDIT: I think I've managed to fix it. Apparently having a different SFont on the same line was causing problems? (I updated the blue text with the pixel font, and now everything is formatted properly). Sorry about that! Feel free to close this. Hello! I've been messing around with the VE...

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