1. Looking for SNES style music packs

    Hello, I’m looking for a 16-bit SNES style(Not Mega Drive, 8-bit or Chip Tune.) music pack that fits the jrpg genre(FF, Chrono Trigger, Breath of Fire.)that can be used commercially. These seem to be hard to come by but really give a game an authentic retro feel. Does anyone have anything they...
  2. KChasm

    How can I make the "item successfully used" sound not play?

    An example of the sound can be heard here: Note that it's not the first few sounds, like from when I call the menu, but the more "flourishy" sound. I don't know what information is relevant, but I'm using common events that are set off by using items and with the whole "item used" stuff...
  3. Guardinthena

    Alternate SE for Equip Items, Armors, Weapons, etc.

    I was hoping that somebody could either help me out with this one or point me in the right direction. I am looking for a plugin (I presume) that will enable different sound effects to be played when the player selects different equipment types in game. For instance, in the Equip or Item scene...
  4. Jordan_Winslow

    The Complete Guide to Free Commercial Use Music & SFX That Don't Suck!

    So you're a filmmaker entering post-production on your film, a game developer working on music and audio triggers or perhaps a YouTuber wanting to enhance your videos. You need SFX and a music soundtrack but you might not have the budget to hire a professional composer or audio engineer. The...
  5. captainette777

    Can a sound effect play during the intro splash screen?

    Hello all, I'm using the "Made in MV" plugin that lets you input a custom splash screen. I made my own logo, but I was curious about whether it was possible to have a sound effect play when the logo comes on screen, like a calling card or something. Any way to do that?

    Musician services Activate

    Hello Everyone, I am a classically trained composer who enjoys Indie RPG's I found RPGmaker back in early 2003 and would spend a lot of time writing music for the various small scale games that we wrote based off of old scenarios we were writing. I look now to continue creating on new projects...
  7. HelperToHero

    Trouble Making a Sound Play Upon Key Press

    Hello! I'm trying to add a feature to my game where the player will press the Z key while on the field and it will play a clown honk sound. A honk button. I managed to get it working, sort of, but it only works when you press the D key (rather than Z) and only actually plays sometimes. Does...
  8. jjbones123

    Trouble importing custom sound effects. Can anyone please help me?

    I'm making a new project in RPG maker MV and was surprised to find out that MV doesn't support Mp3 files when the previous version of RPG maker (VX Ace) did. I've tried deleting the Mp3 file and importing it again but that didn't work. I even tried converting the Mp3 file to a .Ogg or M4A, but...
  9. LakePixel

    LakePixel's Music Studio

    Hey, everyone. I'm looking to expand my horizons, and I would love to compose music for the community. Here are some examples of my pieces: ---EXAMPLE SONGS--- The music may be a bit loud, depending on your headphones. Stay safe, and turn down volume before listening to a track. The Tropics...
  10. Jenovation

    Footstep SFX during Cutscenes and for NPC's/Events.

    Hello fine people! I'm inquiring about footstep sounds in RPGMaker MV. I am currently using (as many others I presume) Yanfly's Region Events plugin to add footstep sounds to the game. (Common Event, Randomise Variable, Play SE,etc...) However the Common Events are only triggered by...
  11. J-Ray

    8-bit Beats - DISCONTINUED

    8-bit Beats [CC-BY] library has been discontinued Commercial version is still avalaible: 8-bit Beats Extravaganza 150 seamlessly looped beats. Action, weird, spooky, happy, creepy, fancy, groovy sounds format: WAV
  12. J-Ray

    Sound Blend - [CC-BY] sound library: DISCONTINUED

    The library has been discontinued.
  13. Lunarea

    Creatures and Strings

    Today, we are featuring two absolutely must-have audio packs! Are you tired of the same ol' RTP roar? Are you looking for a way to make your monsters sound menacing and powerful? Look no further than Creature SFX! Created by Joel Steudler, this large pack is filled to the brim with a...
  14. Lunarea

    The Future is Now!

    We've got another stellar release for you today! Michael Rookard is back with a brand new battler pack! Sci-Fi Battler Pack 2 features a variety of colony soldiers, engineers, large mechas and alien life forms. In addition, this pack includes a bonus faceset for RPG Maker MV! If you're a...
  15. Parallax Panda

    Where can I buy licenses for SFX libraries

    I know there are free to use resources scattered around the web with various terms of use. But I want to actually pay for a license. Yes it may sound crazy when there is free stuff all over the place, but having actually paid for a license makes me feel more secure if any legal issues (god...
  16. VanillaBrocker

    Random SFX per Letter in Messages

    First of all, sorry if it would be better to ask directly to one of the mentioned plugins' creators first. If so, I ask to some moderator to delete this topic. So, I know we have many plugins that gives us the possibility to use SFX in our games' messages, like these: I was thinking...
  17. Tuomo L

    Cartoon "SPLAT" sound

    Hello, I'd need the classic "SPLAT!" sound effect for my game but when I was trying to look for one, they were either poorly credited, it was not clear if they were roalty free or the splat sound itself sounded really bad. Basically, I would need something like this but the terms have to be...
  18. Soatz

    Little sound pack, happy 2016!

    Hello dear friends, i've made a special little sound pack for menus :D Hope you find them useful ^_^ You are free to use them for commercial and not commercial releases! Have Fun :) Luca Soatz Fx Pack 1.rar
  19. Mr. Trivel

    Hurt Sounds

    Name: Hurt Sounds Version: 1.2 Author: Mr. Trivel Created: 2015-11-26   What does it do? Makes actors and enemies play a sound when they get hit.   Screenshots: Nothing to show.   How to use? Use following note tag in Actors or Enemies note fields: <Hurt...
  20. Different sound effects for actors being attacked

    Hi guys, I've been looking around for a script which allows different sound effects for actors being attacked in battle.  So far I've looked at DP3's Actor Voices In Battle script but that's far more than what I'm after, I simply need more than one sound effect so actor 1 shouts "Ow!" actor 2...

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