1. Interior Map Making Help

    Can someone give me some advice on how to make my walls look better so my barrels in the bottom left look like there is a wall around it as opposed to under it
  2. Neo_Kum0rius_6000

    Which Ruby Script To Alter For Fading?

    So I played Shovel Knight the other day and I love the games fading. It mimics old NES games. I wan't a fading to show 4 frames of shading to look like an NES game same can be applied to fading in. Which default script holds the code for the fading in and fading out?
  3. Jordan_Winslow

    How to Make Your RPG Maker Game Look Unique With CRT Shaders! (Scanlines) Tutorial

    This is the effect we are going for and will achieve in less than 5 minutes with no plugins or scripting! How do we do it? I have made a video guide for you!
  4. JtheDuelist

    Has my shading improved lately?

    I have been trying to really practice my shading this month (by reading articles and watching videos about the topic), and was curious if I have improved any since I had started to try to shade. Here is sort of a "timeline" of my old and current works so you can visualize it. Personally, I...
  5. Am I really that bad?

    Guys... Why am I so bad at shading stuff ._. tbh.. I think iam the worse in everything X_X *Starts questioning life* .... Can you tell me what Iam doing wrong here? <.< It kinda looks okay, yet it doesnt <.<
  6. Queen Bee Shading

    Hey Guys! I need your help! I'm in need of a Queen Bee. I already have a base model and base color (not everywhere yet) But I have one BIG problem! I have NO idea how to shade........ Like, I'm really really bad at shading <.< Thats what I have so far... I'm not really good in Pixel Art, nor...
  7. Pugh95Bear

    [Mobile Applications] Face/Tile/Character Set Editing On the Go!

    Compilation of Great Mobile Apps for Face, Tile, and Character Set Editing On the Go! Hey everybody! I wanted to make a small thread for people who have found MOBILE Applications (preferably free) for using in their game development. Personally, I only have access to iOS and Android devices...

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