shadow and lightning

  1. Shora

    RMMZ [MZ & MV v1.8.4 UPDATED] Shora Lighting & Shadow Plugin (2.5D Ambient Shadow)

    Shora Lighting System Version: 1.8.4 Page. Wiki Page. PayPal.Me Profile. ――――――――――――――――――――― ShoraLightingSystem, written in JavaScript, is a plug-in developed by Shora to provide dynamic lighting to RPG Maker MV/MZ engine, intended to be easiest to start and most flexible when...
  2. Warrior_Corporation

    RMMV: Help with the Quasi Simple Shadows (Quasi) plugin

    I'm using the shadow plugin and the game is not rendering the map, for example: if I put two light pole on the map, the two render and everything is shown. If I put a lot of light pole on the map, it does not render the map, it only shows the light pole and the game completely hangs, examples...

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