1. Milennin

    Map shadow in editor, but not in game

    I used the shadow tool to add shadow on some places in the map. It shows up in the editor, but when I go ingame, it's not there. Not sure if it's got to do with the fact I'm using custom tilesets...
  2. Shora

    RMMZ [MZ & MV v1.3b Released] Shora Lighting Plugin (Dynamic 2.5D Ambient Shadow Effect)

    Update: Public beta released!. Link Finally, public release! I have waited a long time for this moment. After thinking, i have decided to place the problem struggled me for months aside and release the un-perfect version of this plugin., for all of you to contribute and feedback ;). I think that...
  3. ovate

    com_sho Sideview characters (Sci-Fi edits)

    With permission from コミュ将 (comshou), I'm sharing edits that are inspired from Japanese-style Sideview battlers here. To get material- Right click on the images and Save Image As. Terms of Use If you use characters and face set, you need to license for RPG Maker MV or RPG tkool MV. These are...
  4. Sprite-Matching Shadow Effects Plugin Request

    So, the basic shadow effect is just a circle on the floor. Which is great and all, but I want something a little more, dynamic? Basically, I want the shadows to match the sprite of the event(npc)/actor(player) and be cast on the same direction for all of them which changes depending on the map...
  5. ovate

    com_sho Forest Tilesets

    With permission from コミュ将 (comshou), I'm reposting tilesets zip here. This tileset that allows you to create a serene forest. Preview- Zip includes- 3 characters of shaking trees | 7 pictures overlay/ effect | 6 images for tileset Terms: - Users must own MV in order to use them - You...
  6. KChasm

    Can I have a shadow, please?

    I want to manually add a shadow to a sprite, like the ones that are created when I place a wall, but I can't really seem to find this sprite in my resources (though I may have missed it), nor do I know exactly what to search for to find it online. I don't suppose anyone could link or...
  7. yumi1803

    Khas UltraLighting issue

    Heya RPG Makers, I have a little problem with Khas UltraLighting. I'll show you: This stripe drives me crazy... does anyone know how to fix this? Thank you~
  8. Shadow Graphic

    Which graphic is used for the auto-shadow? My game is all hand drawn and I want to replace the shadow with some crosshatched lines so it looks hand drawn too... Is it on the window graphic sheet, or is it not a graphic at all?
  9. ramza

    Ramza's Automatic Actor Shadow Sprite Scaling

    Greetings. Do you have a system in your game where actors in battle can change sprites? Are some of those sprites smaller or bigger than the default size? Are you sad that the shadow sprite underneath your actors doesn't change size to match the new sprite? Well I've got a plugin for you! The...
  10. Guardinthena

    Trouble with Khas's Awesome Lights

    I...I have no idea how this happened or how to fix this. All I did was copy the note tags, scripts, graphics and everything essential over from Khas's Awesome Lights demo and....this happened. Is there a size limit on how far the shadows will reach? The map displayed in the picture below is...
  11. Shadow Effect

    I was wondering how to make a shadow effect like the Witch's House. For example: I've seen the method of making a 544x416 border of shadow in an image editor and having an event display it, but that doesn't achieve the same effect as above. Any suggestions?
  12. Derpo

    Strange bug/glitch with shadows and tiles.

    Hi, I am experiencing a weird bug/glitch in my game. Please see attached screenshots. As you can see there is a strange shadow of an object remaining even after the object has been (re)moved, it seems to be cut off by where the shadow tiles are or used to be. Background: the barrel with...
  13. Quite.Toxick

    Quite Toxick's Lights & Shadows (Doodads)

    ~ SHADOWS ~  Are you tired of painting shadows on your maps with the old boring shadow pen? Do your eyes hurt when looking upon square shadows cast by round objects? Fed up with sprites being on top of shadows which should actually shade them? Well, I was. So I made my own shadow...
  14. Iavra

    Iavra Lighting System(s)

    As someone may know, i've been working on a lighting system for a while now. I'll use this thread to give you some updates as i go along. Currently i'm working on 2 different systems: - Pixel (fragment) based lighting, as can be seen here...
  15. gilgamar

    Plugins by Gilgamar

    NEW PLUGIN! I've been working on a simple ABS plugin for RPG Maker MV and so far it's coming along nicely. The plugin is setup as a suite of scripts. I call it simple, but it's really coming a long ways already in just the few days time I've spent on it. It supports custom spritesheets for...
  16. killerfer

    Shadow for Enemies

    Would someone be willing to create a plugin to draw the shadow in battle for enemies? The Yanfly animated sideview enemies plugin does it but only with the animated enemies. I need to put shadows on static enemies (those beautiful aekashics enemies don't have shadows underneath them). If there...
  17. Shadows below characters

    Imagine a character is floating or flying about, how do I add a shadow below it? And what happens if I want to make an animated shadow, as if the character was possessed. How do I add an animated shadow? Thanks for reading! :)
  18. Set actors name same as another actor

    Hey guys! So I'm trying to create a characterselecter but facing a problem. This steps shall be done: - Selecting an actor for later in the story  -  CHECK - Typing in a name and let it change the name of that actor (with script like in the img shown)  -  CHECK - Changing the name of another...
  19. tsunetakaryu

    Mr.Liu's Plugin Collection: BetterTroopSorting + DrawEventsShadow

    Note: I'm just a porter, not the original scripts writer(Mr. Liu or 过眼云烟 [Guo Yan Yun Yan]). Since Mr. Liu can't read the English texts but want to share those plugins for us, I asked for his authorize then post it at here.  MrLiu_EnemyPosition by 过眼云烟 Auto Set Enemy Position in the Side-view...
  20. Sythian Bard

    A More "Complete" Beard's Trim

    :beard: A More "Complete" Beard's Trim :beard: (an RTP edit of the "one" beard) This is ABSOLUTELY FREE as it is just an edit. Please, Enjoy! Updated (3/12/16): All of these collections are now numbered p_12 - p_43 to fit nicely into the RTP Generator! On to the Beards... Is it just...

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