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  1. Does a script to make the screen shake on a battle animation exist or can it be made?

    for a long time ive wanted to use a script that lets you do a screen shake in the middle of battle animations (like the same to a screen flash or a color change in the enemy) to convey more strenght but i havent been able to find any so i was wondering if it was possible to make or if it already...
  2. Azure_Sinbad

    Help with Yanfly Plugins Animated SV Enemies, Dragonbones and Action Sequence Pack 3

    Hi people, Looking for help with 2 separate issues I'm having with these plugins, first up; In battle when my enemies are going to attack, if I have them animated to run right right up to my party, if there is any overlap between the two, my enemy will be beneath my party characters instead of...
  3. Shake Screen during Battle

    Hello, I'm working on an RPG, and there is a scene where the battlers are facings ennemies on a Train. Then, for more immersion, I would like to know if it's possible to shake the screen during ALL the battle. With the Battle Event, I only can shake the screen during 999 frames each turn, so...
  4. CriticalGames

    Shake Screen during Animation

    Hi everyone, I've had a bit of a problem with this for a while now, and haven't found a solution. I need a way to shake the screen during a battle animation. I know that I can Macgyver a sort of solution by using common events to shake the screen in-between or after animations have played, but...
  5. Random Panda

    Shake Screen but Not Pictures

    Hi Everyone. So basically here is the the situation. I started eventing a cut scene and found that when I use shake screen pictures move with it. This is a problem as I am using pictures for busts and name plates. Is there anyway to have the shake screen command not affect pictures and only...

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