1. tale

    Kanji - Pictures without Shake

    picturesWithoutShake.js ver.1.00 Creator name: Kanji the Grass Overview Pictures remain still on screen shake Could be worthwhile for pictures used as user interface. (if project uses screen shake at all) Specified pictures are going to move in the opposite direction of parent element's...
  2. tale

    sabakan - Enemy Battle Effects

    Enemy Battle Effects - 10/03/19 (version 0.32) Creator name: sabakan Overview Changes enemy battle effects with appearance, damage shake, and when enemy attacks. Settings: - Enable appearance - Sound effect when enemy appears - Shake when damage is done to enemy - Enable movement when enemy...
  3. How to make "shake screen" work?

    Trying to have the screen shake to show scenes of extreme emotion etc, but the function labeled "shake screen" doesn't seem to do anything on testing. I tried adjusting the variables but no matter how large or small I make them nothing seems to happen. This doesn't seem to impair other aspects...
  4. CriticalGames

    Shake Screen during Animation

    Hi everyone, I've had a bit of a problem with this for a while now, and haven't found a solution. I need a way to shake the screen during a battle animation. I know that I can Macgyver a sort of solution by using common events to shake the screen in-between or after animations have played, but...
  5. Hyouryuu-Na

    Shaking screen vertically?

    Hello... I was wondering if it's possible to shake the screen vertically. Anyone have an idea how to accomplish this?

    Highlight popup

    I just want a plugin that adds a special effect to text when highlighted (in menu when selecting) instead of showing the selection box..  Here are some examples: Popping text up, like in Terraria. Shake letters, like in some parts of Undertale. Maybe you can take code ideas from...
  7. SWAMPFOOT9000

    Shaking when hit and/or a health bar that shows above the battlers

    This request is pretty much exactly was it sounds like from the title. It seems that all of the health bar scripts that I have found, have the battlers on top of the health bar. Which, is annoying, because if the enemy battler happens to be big, it will just cover the whole health bar. I'm sure...
  8. How to make screen shake continuously?

    As part of my project, there's going to be a character riding inside a wagon. In order to convey the sense of motion, I wanted to make it so the screen shakes at a very low frequency. The problem is, I've been running into problems getting it to continue shaking while other things happen at the...

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