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    TDW TP Changes

    TDW TP Changes - v 1.00 wrigty12   Intro - TP is very unchangeable in the default system. This plugin allows you to change some aspects of how TP works. Features -  - Allow all Actors in your party to share the same value TP at all times. - Change the max TP according to a variable, allowing...

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The final version of our game is already available both in English and Spanish! ^___^
Can't believe this day has finally come... T_T
Im so happy that Dead By Daylight is getting a Silent Hill chapter! Cant wait to play as pyramid head
I'm glad I found those fishies by @whtdragon so I had a proper base to start pixeling the first enemies in the game.
Such cuties... yeah.
Yesterday, for my youngest sibling's birthday, we watched one of his favorite movies.
Ponyo is such a beautiful, but certainly strange, movie.
I just have to say that I prefer the majority of Studio Ghibli's works to those of Disney.
*sees work place in incoming call history* .... =www= hisssssSSSSSssss.

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