1. Parallax Panda

    Sharing/Distributing Maps/tileset/database files?

    Simple question, are we allowed to create and share the files from the data folder containing map, tileset, database (etc) information with other users (people who own a license)? I’m asking about the custom data files created in each project, not the actual RTP files. I know pre-made maps are...
  2. RPG Maker VX Ace HTLM5?

    Ok, so I've read on several forums and general pages that in the VX Ace software "the game is the HTML", yet all I ever see is MV related tutorials and upload help. I've searched up and down, left and right and up and down again and I cannot for the life of me find a way to upload my VX Ace...
  3. Allinardo

    I Make Video Game Music -- For Free(Usually)

    I can make music for you too, if you so desire. Here's some of my work. In 2017 I released two albums, you can listen to them here: I work in a variety of styles, and always coming up with new ideas. I've made some chiptune, adventure, battle, horror, atmospheric, industrial, and a small...
  4. Isabella Ava

    Cool old arcade game to play :)

    Guys, check out this new game :) https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.razmobi.discleague&hl=en Its graphic is gorgeous and the game play is really fun I found it today and really love it so want to share it with people Well i got defeated twice by a Crocodile, damn it :P!!!
  5. Simalono

    Old School Music Thread!

    So I kind of wanting a sharing, discussion, and critique of my old school influenced music. As I don't really see a lot of people here making music that reminds me of an RPG at all. I hope there's no offense taken by that but a lot of stuff on here really doesn't feel like video game music. No I...
  6. miksva44

    Sharing a game with dlc content?

    Hi For a little game I´ve been working on I bought "Pop Horror DLC content" and after looking around in the forum I´m not sure if was a mistake. I wanted to make it available for Pc and Android and I did try with a test game and got that to work on my android phone somehow. :) So I just wonder...
  7. BlazeStriker

    How to share my game?

    hey guys it's that annoying guy again So I sent my friend my rpg maker mv game to my friend and neither of us know how he's supposed to play it. halp .3.
  8. Rhaeami

    Is sharing VX Ace animation data (not graphics) possible?

    Background: So, I'm currently working on a solo commercial project that uses a fairly large amount of skills, and I'm not having much luck securing enough stylistically consistent animation graphics to fully replace the RTP.  As such, I'm considering falling back on the RTP with edits/variations...
  9. Uploading a game

    Basically, I finished a game in RPG Maker MV, and I want to share it. That's it. Please help soon, I don't have much time.
  10. TheGamedawg

    Problem sharing game with friends

    So recently I finished a short demo and I wanted to share it with a couple friends for testing purposes.  So I zipped it up and placed it on Google Drive so they can download it.  However when they do and unzip it, it says that the game is missing several sound and animation files and will not...
  11. defunct-user


    Ms Littlefish and I were talking several times, as well as others in a chat group about crazy stories from jobs we work or have worked. Some of them are quite hilarious. Some of them seemed so insane you'd have to BE there to believe it.   I've got so many stories from my last two jobs it would...
  12. How to share the game with others?

    I've been working on a game, and after a few days, I've finished the demo. I want to send it to a friend for playtesting, but no matter what I do, he can't open the file? I tried using "compress game data" but he said the extraction failed, then I tried putting it in a zip archive, but it said...

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