1. B34RxJ3W

    MV - Resource, Script, & Overall Questions

    If this is the wrong location, please move. I will update this thread when answers are found, & ultimately close it at some point.
  2. Multiple Sprite Sheets for attacks?

    So I'm trying to set up a sprite sheet, but one of the sprites I'm testing with is to big for my grid. I did double the size of the image to get more space for the sprite, but that takes way too much performance and it wont run. Doubling the size also doubles the size of the ones who actually...
  3. Hyreal

    Commissioning Battle Sprite Artist

    Close please.
  4. Fullereno

    Fullereno's Weapon & Armor Stuff

    Hi people :) I intend this thread to be mostly about weapons, but eventually it may content armor and other stuff. Feel free to ask for them. My intention is to make more weapons, maybe take some requests, but I do this as hobby, so I can't ensure delivery dates for requests, but I'll try to...
  5. astergilgamesh

    Custom Battler Sheet Size / Display Idle Weapon Stance

    First of all, my goal is to display the generated characters with their weapon held out while standing in battle, not just when they attack. It's true that old Final Fantasy games did not display their weapons while idle, and that's fine.  But we should be able to do that now if we can force a...
  6. Jingai Makyo Sprites

    I'm looking for a sprite sheet from the VN Jingai Makyo. I saw it once but i forgot to download it. Does anyone have a copy i can download or a link where i could find them, please?
  7. Fuchsilein

    Fuchsilein's SV Weapon Animation Sheets

  8. Eurgh

    Cards Sheet

    I've been looking around for a sprite sheet or tileset that has cards on it but I couldn't find any, So I made my own, I only originally wanted the yellow cards, however I went over the top and made an entire sprite sheet of them colouring them in various colours including Yu-gi-oh cards...
  9. Anyone have a character template that...

    Has 8 way movement in it that i can use to help me make character sheets for RPG Maker XP.
  10. Unwanted Sprite Movement

    I am having an issue with a sprite sheet I made. When the sprite is moving, it seems to jerk or slide around as if it can't stay in place.  I am not sure why it is moving like this, but if anyone knows of a solution, I would appreciate it. Thanks, and sorry if my question doesn't make sense(I'm...
  11. Kaliske

    Cabbet0's Pixel Area

  12. Silent Darkness

    Spyro sprite set request

    I'd like to request a spyro sprite sheet for my current project. Mostly because I have zero art talents whatsoever. I would like a full sprite sheet, a fainting/collapsing animation would be nice, but is optional. Also, it would be nice if I could get a faceset. (again, optional.) As for the...
  13. Original state sprite sheet location

    I'm new around there, and I have some troubles with custom sprites. About their format, actually. I hope I'm not asking something which has already been answered... Actually, what I want to do is to create a new state : Super Poison (got the idea from Pokemon, it's actually a poison which is...

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