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    **Outdated** **See Rosary Of The Reaper**
  2. Vandriette


    ShiChiya: Ultimate Welcome, this, is ShiChiya. In this game you will be playing as a teenage girl in the prime of her youth. You have wealth, knowledge, success, a loving family and more. Everything is going exactly your way. However you will soon find out that with great values, must come a...
  3. Vandriette

    My First Demo was made(ShiChiya)

    Well, after a few months I finally released a demo for my RPG Horror Game ShiChiya xD I must say, it took far longer than it should have, simply because I took a three month break from it, Im on the 3-4th day of this game's development, and this game's setting is centered around events that take...

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Spent all day writing code, only for it to result in an endless loop...sigh.:kaosigh:
So um what is the deal with ,why are there two rpg maker websites now? Is it any different from the current one
When the Panic gauge is full, Mike will turn into Omar in a state of actual panic. his move list changes and until the meter depletes completely, he'll be able make use of this alter ego.
So unbelievably excited for IGMC this year! First public game was for the original one and I'm just so pumped!!
Sometimes I am amazed at how relentless spam bots are. I would clear the que and then see 800~5k more depending on their mood.

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