1. Synchromystic

    RMMZ Pseudo 3D Battles plugin - BG Shift Problem

    I've been trying out this neat new plugin for MZ that turns ordinary 2D battebacks into a pseudo-3D environment, looks great in the demo video but in my own project it's aligning my characters much higher up, with some of them hovering over the upper background image instead of on the ground...
  2. Shifting the Walls

    (I looked over the other resources here and didn't see anything exactly like this - if there is and I missed it, well here's another version ^_^;; ) One of the major things that has always bothered me when I am trying to create maps is that placing items in front of walls never looks quite...

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I'm tempted to leave the Fight/Escape choice in the Boss Battle submission and make Escape pop up Nedry from Jurassic Park: "Uh uh unh!"
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Gosh,I want to Play this Game Again one more again!

Seeing my Own Character & Kannono Once Again!
I've been a bit to depressed to get work done on the game lately. Don't worry, I'll be okay.

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