shin megami tensei

  1. jonenglish91

    Press Turn Battle System - Eventing(WIP)

    Hi All! Seeing as there is no Press Turn Battle System plugin, I decided to create it via eventing & states with the help of some plugins. It takes a little eventing and setting up. Plugins Used - Yanfly Core engine Yanfly BattleEngineCore Yanfly Actions Sequence 1 to 3 VE_DamagePopup...
  2. Does this game seem too similar to Megaman sprite game?

    Hello, I want to make a silly RPG based off of some weird fancomic thing I made. Its name is "Nanashi and Naoki: Lucifer's bad day" and it is mostly a game like Megaman sprite game. I'm a little worried that it might be too similar. I'm gonna list off some similarities and let you decide if it's...
  3. OneManIndie

    Recruitment: How would you handle it?

    PARTY BUILDING Every RPG deals with this mechanic. It's one of the most important features in designing a role-playing game. I've also seen this feature called RECRUITMENT; due to the fact that, in many cases, you have to acquire them for your party. In fact, there have been games devoted solely...
  4. jonenglish91

    Press Turn Battle System - Shin Megami Tensei

    Hi Guys! I was just wondering if there was any press turn battle system like the Shin megami tensei series? I've seen an iteration of VX Ace but not MV, just wondered if anyone has dabbed into this? Thanks!
  5. Ultima01

    Battle System Concept - Press Time System

    I have no idea if this is where I would post something like this, but here we go.  Please move it if there is a better place for it. So I had a potentially-awesome, yet also potentially-stupid idea of combining the following battle system concepts: Press Turn System (circa Shin Megami...
  6. Press Turn Battle System

    I was wondering whether anyone would be interested in- or if anyone is currently in the process of coding a recreation or emulation of the 'press turn battle system' from Shin Megami Tensei? For those who don't know, it's a system quite like DreamX's Instant Turn Battle seen here:  The...
  7. CombatJazz

    Yanfly Lunatic Scripting - Shin Megami Tensei-styled Instant Death?

    Hello! I'm trying to get Shin Megami Tensei styled instant death abilities to work, and I'm having a bit of a doozy of a time since my scripting knowledge is lackluster, so any help would be appreciated. By Shin Megami Tensei styled I mean that the instant death is elemental in nature - you...

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