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  1. Shindra Duel Adventures

    DOWNLOAD Instruction Manual     Shindra Duel Adventures is an RPG that plays with more than 50 monster cards to battle, to trade and to train with to create your perfect team. Each card has it's own movesets, weakness, levelspeed and status. There are different types that are effective against...

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Coffee + Silk Coconut Milk + Splenda Zero = Not ..... awful :/ .
My new RPG Maker music pack, Emotional: Redemption, is now in progress and will be coming to RPG Maker soon. It is an album that focuses on emotional themes including the darker forms of sorrow and despair. Below is a demo of a composition from the album.

Please watch out for your hands when handling chests! XD Did this a few days ago, it was fun to animate

Apparently, it's illegal to be drunk on licensed premises: pubs, etc. It's illegal for keepers of public houses to permit drunkenness and disorderly conduct. lol.
Pillow Hero - A 16-bit arcade styled puzzle game, update 0.5 is live now on! -->

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