1. Block saving while on transports

    Is there a way to block the player from saving when they are on the boat/airship/ship? I want my game to be like the FF series where you can save on the world map and selected save points/crystals but not when you are on the transports. I've looked around a bit and can't find any information...
  2. gothicvoid

    [GothicVoid]'s Additions-New Animated Doodads

    Everything i have made so far I have done so using the default tilesets that come with the MV software- UNLESS I HAVE OTHERWISE STATED.... So please make sure you give credit where its due cause we work hard to bring FREE edits or original content to you for your game! I hope you like...
  3. Parallax Panda

    Regarding those FSM Ship Tiles...

    So, I'm not sure if this topic is supposed to be here but since I'm referring to the ship tiles made by REF MAP for RM2K3, I couldn't think of a better place. The tile sheets for RM2K3 are extremely messy to begin with, like a jigsaw puzzle, and these ship tiles are no exception. For reference...
  4. Escanor

    I need a Ship SV Battler

    I'm currently working on a ship battle system and finished everything except for my own Ship. I've got no experience with making SV Battlers myself other than creating them from the Character Generator. And since i couldn't find anything myself, it would be great if someone could make me the...
  5. Making static ships to walk on at city docks??

    So I'm designing a set of docks for my game's major city and to bring that area to life more I want to make it so that there are some large ships docked, loading/unloading goods, etc. These ships would be set pieces and never move so to be clear I'm not trying to make a large ship I can move...
  6. Water Traversal Troubles

    Hi, this is my first time posting here, but I've seen before just how helpful these boards can be. So, basically, my problem is this: I have a pool of water in a dungeon, and the player can board a lily-pad to traverse the water, but I can't seem to program how this is done. So for example...
  7. Orb

    [MV] Inner ship stuff (tile/items)

    Hello there!:kaopride: So I just finished assembling Avery's ship in one of my maps, but it looks a bit empty and I wouldn't like to use the default RTP objects. I'm looking for things you'd find inside a ship: Boxes, liqueur, ropes, maps, cannons, and things like that. I'm not asking for...
  8. Orb

    Ship DLC? [MV]

    Not sure where to post this, so my apologies in advance. I just saw a picture somewhere on the internet with a very nice ship tileset. I wonder if this is an official DLC (I haven't found it in the DLC list) or if it is made by a specific artist. Could somebody help me find the original source...
  9. eBuddy

    Vehicle animation issue

    Hello! I have made custom sprites for the ship so that it looks like my main character is swimming. I managed to make the "get on vehicle" smooth, so the vehicle and player don't show at the same time. The issue is when the player gets off the vehicle. The swimming player (vehicle sprite) is...
  10. Bigbaddevil7

    SteamkPunk Airship

    Does anyone have some airship tile-sets, or even something I can parallax? I want an airship the player can walk on, whether it be top down or from the side it doesn't matter. I was trying to work on one using some textures from Bokou , and couple from gabreliks, but I'm not happy with it at...
  11. EliteFerrex

    Battle BGM/Battleback Problems

    Hello, everyone. I'm having difficulty trying to make sure my battle BGMs and Battle Backs work correctly once the player has access to the Ship, because I don't want the wrong Battle Back or BGM playing in the wrong area of the world map. Before the player had the Ship, I simply controlled...
  12. Ship

    Heyo All ! I'd like to ask of you if anyone know ship tileset (free to use) for VX ace I tried making one from what I have but it's just crapy even if it isnt tileset show me how to do the "picture" trick i guess for now he is visiting the ship once   thank you in advance !
  13. Gabrelik

    MV Ship Tileset

    Hey everybody, I've been lurking around the community for a little while now, but other than a few edits here and there, I have yet to make any real contribution of my own. I've always had a passion for art, but never really tried my hand digitally until I came here. I have been so...
  14. AnimaScorpius

    Need starship thrusters

    Hello I am in the process of making a starship for my team game and was wondering if anybody had any kind of Thrusters, I would parallax them at the rear of the map for it to look more "starship-like" I rarely ask for stuff like this but, if anybody got anything like this and would be willing...
  15. Soulnet

    A Ship, A Ship, My Kingdom for a Ship!

    I'm looking for boat and ship sprites from the medieval / romantic / baroque / classical eras.  I don't need all of them, but if you are willing to do one, or two and someone else did one or two that would be ideal. I also found this one online but don't know who to credit it to. If...
  16. The Right Hand Man

    Ship Tilesets Required

    Anyone know some good ship tilesets that is not a rip,and is made for RPG Maker Vx Ace (so I don't have to own more than one RPG Maker). Thanks
  17. Trianglon

    Ship from Overworld Event?

    Ok, I'm trying to do something interesting in a game I'm working on and I managed to figure out about half of it on my own but I need some help with it. Here's what I'm trying to do: The new project I'm working on has a lot of sea travel so what I want to do is, at any time while you're on...
  18. VesperCire

    Vehicle Questions

    I was messing around on MV with vehicles and I made an event where the ship is on land and after you talk to it, the ship goes in the water. It works all fine until I tested if the ship would go back on land after I left, like I had put in the event. I leave the map and come back and it's still...
  19. RhysO101

    A speedboat for MV?

    My game is to be set in some sort of post-apocalyptic future and I would like a modern speedboat or motorboat thingy for my Boat vehicle. As always I'd really appreciate that. I would also be cool if you can make other variations with different colors. And sorry if you're confused at what...
  20. Gabrelik

    MV Custom Airship Needed

    Hello! I am currently seeking the help of an artist willing to render an airship for me. I would like for this to be a custom work in the steampunk style, but entirely open to artist license. I would love to showcase your work as much as have a custom piece for my game. Please message me if...

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