1. VesperCire

    Vehicle Questions

    I was messing around on MV with vehicles and I made an event where the ship is on land and after you talk to it, the ship goes in the water. It works all fine until I tested if the ship would go back on land after I left, like I had put in the event. I leave the map and come back and it's still...
  2. RhysO101

    A speedboat for MV?

    My game is to be set in some sort of post-apocalyptic future and I would like a modern speedboat or motorboat thingy for my Boat vehicle. As always I'd really appreciate that. I would also be cool if you can make other variations with different colors. And sorry if you're confused at what...
  3. Gabrelik

    MV Custom Airship Needed

    Hello! I am currently seeking the help of an artist willing to render an airship for me. I would like for this to be a custom work in the steampunk style, but entirely open to artist license. I would love to showcase your work as much as have a custom piece for my game. Please message me if...
  4. ShidoLionheart

    Get Vehicle X Y Coordinates

    How can I set a Variable equal to Vehicles (like boat or airship) location? For Puzzles I can make a Variable equal to Player MAP X and Y, but I want to do the same with the Airship. How can I do that?
  5. Mellye

    Mapping a ship deck with the "RTP"

    Mapping really isn't my strong point on RPG Maker, and I'm having a bit of trouble with this one. I would like to have a map that is the deck of a wooden ship. Would any of the RTP tilesets be able to accomplish that? I'm able to make minor edits on tilesets on GIMP, if needed, but nothing...
  6. vidiotdragon

    Ship Music

    I am having the hugest headache with this. I have a map, with BGM, and a boat at a port. I get on the boat and the boat music plays. I then transfer to a new map, which has no music, and then I transfer to another map which does. The moment I get off the boat the music FROM THE VERY FIRST MAP...
  7. Acidicjester

    = Slow down vehicles? =

    Hey so I was wondering what I can do to get a vehicle (Ex. boat) to have a lower speed to move slower in general. I went to the Game_Vehicle scripting page and I found this: #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Initialize Move Speed...
  8. headdie

    Sea Ship Help

    Hi all I am looking for a RMVX ACE tile set for a wooden ship to fit in with the standard tileset style. The ship is a merchant vessel docked in port, the orientation of the map means I would prefer a ship running top to bottom rather than horizontally though if it comes to I can rebuild the...
  9. devonair320

    Boat Turns but Doesn't Move

    As said, my ship turns but doesn't move no matter what. I'm using the Dungeon tileset, and I'm using the first tile in A1. I've tried the second tile, and I've tried both the boat and the ship, and neither work. Both seem to be able to turn though, just not move. I've changed both tiles that...
  10. GrandmaDeb


    closing for now.
  11. TheObermotz1

    Ships only dock at spezial tiles/events

    Is there a way that you can only board/dock a ship at a specific tile? I´m sorry that I am asking this question a second time in this forum, but the link to the script, in the original post does not appear to be working any more... Thanks
  12. Oriceles

    [Solved] BGS change while using Ship

    Title of the thread is self explanatory.   I just want to add the sea BGS when the player is using the Ship, off course this is not the same as replacing the BGM on any form. Can somebody help me please?
  13. Arisete™

    Land Walking Speed

    I been messing around with "Game_Vehicle" for awhile now, I was able to change the default movement speed for Airship/Etc. But I can't seem to figure out how to make it so my Walk speed changes to "3 (2x Slower)" AFTER I land my Airship or Dock my Boats. It will always revert to "4 (Normal...

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