1. Schlangan

    RMMV Schlangan et la fine équipe - v4.14 - Update on the 21st March 2020

    As I stated in my introduction, I came to this forum to get a feedback and advice about my game, "Schlangan et la fine équipe" (Schlangan and the dream team). I didn't know exactly whether I should put it here on in Projects developments, since I've been working on it for several months, but...

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I have just stepped down from being a Mod, so please don't send me any more pm's with Mod questions. Thanks
The laptop I've had for almost 3 years has blue screened and is stuck on a boot loop. Can't wait to make games on nothing!
Made a brief video showcasing early game play... Got a copyright claim by BIG UP! ( for using music I bought from here (Future Steam Punk Pack). Now I wonder if I should strip any purchased music from here out of my game. :LZSskeptic:
Cleaned character animation and new room

I'm not sure if I should open a thread for this in games in development..
It's weird I actually have MORE work to do when stuck at home than before.

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