1. Acetonide

    Solo Shooter - v2.00 Now Up!

    Introduction Solo Shooter is a simple Top-Down Scrolling Shooter. It currently features a short story and some other things. Be sure to check out the features list and updated screenshots. Original Introduction- Downloads Information Solo Shooter is a short Top-Down Scrolling Shooter...
  2. hyde9318

    Zombies (Halloween Edition)

    RM.Coalition Presents A Neon Black and Hyde9318 Production     Zombies. Their creation means death and destruction all across the globe. That is exactly where we have placed you as a player. After an unknown event linked to Chimera Corporation has sparked the zombie apocalypse, you are set...
  3. DarkFact

    Rofaxan 2089 A.D. Release at 12:00am Tonight!!!!

    I just wanted to remind everyone that Rofaxan 2089 A.D. (as far as I know the first IG Maker game to be officially released) is going on sale NOW The game is just $5                                                  (Buy the game link) The Sound Track in (mp3 for...

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Starting work on some stuff for the community. Hopefully it will be fun, and useful to somebody.
Searching what to play in my dead times, the nostalgia hit me hard and ended downloading the Patapon trilogy, hope I can avenge my child self and beating all the games hahaha
Finished the frontier and...I apologize to anyone who saw the trailer I posted and actually tried it. Technical marvel, crazy disjointed fetish story hidden inside a cheap milsim skin that has no idea what it's trying to be except sanctimonious and failing at even that. As much as I hate fallout 4's story, even it was better. I guess there just won't be another non-parody fallout after all.
Anyone else having trouble posting in the forum? I have no reply box in posts or in messages. This is the only place I can type. @Archeia?

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