1. SOLVED: Can't find a plugin to show a picture in shops

    Hi ! I'd like to add a large picture of the salesman/saleswoman & his/her shop when you're in the shop menu (preferably an image that you could change for each different shop) , but I think I searched everywhere and couldn't find it. If it exists, it would be great if it was compatible with (or...
  2. Drunken Paladin

    Shop Menu Terms

    Hi everyone, I have a pretty simple objective, but I can't find a good solution. I want to change the shop menu terms in specific cases. I have a lot of variable or item-based currencies and crafting systems, so I would really like a way to change the option from "buy" to "craft" or "cook" or...
  3. Shop Steal (UPDATED)

    Finally finished it! No more known bugs! IT'S FUNCTIONALLY PERFECT! NOW UPDATED TO BE MORE USER-FRIENDLY This allows the player to steal items from any shop in your game. The player has a 47% success chance, but the other 53% is up to you to decide! How stealing works: You select the new steal...
  4. Shop Steal free buy problem

    This should (and hopefully) be the last Shop Steal problem I have. So as you might know, I'm a amateur at coding, but I can still figure things out (RUBY can make so many more problems) The problem is that when buying stuff, the items are free when the window opens. The script only adds code, so...
  5. mjshi

    NPC Dialogue Shop

    NPC Dialogue Shop v1.0 by mjshi- OK for use in all projects with credit Get it here! A dialogue-focused custom shop scene for a more interactive experience. Requires MV 1.5+, commissioned by the wonderful dragoonwys of these very forums. Features - Show an image for the shopkeeper! - Have...
  6. JtheDuelist

    Limited Quantity Of Items In Shop Plugin?

    I am wanting to include a shop that limits the number of a particular rare item that can be bought, and have searched on Google from here to Timbuktu for a plugin that does this, but no dice. I saw several VX Ace scripts that did it, but I am using MV, not VX Ace. I also saw Tsukihime was making...
  7. Bartman901

    Shop's statistics overhaul

    Hello, right now I'm using Hime's Shop Manager and everything is great-items/weaponas/armor show's all statistics they give but...they don't show how much they will give to character. Just like basic version of rm it shows just how much damage/defence it will give to character (+/- x). Many of...
  8. OmnislashXX


    You know when you go into an inn or shop and the merchant is usually behind the counter? I really can't find a good tile that I can use to represent a counter. Now I just purchased the game, so really I have no tilesets or plug-ins, so any advice as to what to use at this point would be helpful...
  9. When you don't have enough money for the inn...

    EDIT: This issue has already been solved. Thank you everyone for the help. Hi, so... I have another question now. Keeping in mind that I am a complete beginner with RPG Maker software so I don't know things that more experienced rpg makers probably understand well. I have a magic tutor in my...
  10. aceviper64

    shop with stock and money plugins

    Does anyone know of any plugins for, individual item stocking and store money for selling. that are compatible with yep shop core? ok, so I have decided to try something different. I have found three plugins that compliment each other well. bm mv shop...
  11. Soulmagnet

    [Vx Ace] Need a Variable Shop

    I need help, I would like to know if there is a way to buy variables, ie a store of variables ... I do not mean the currency of the game, nor the prices. In case I was not clear, I refer to a store where you buy an item and when you buy it gives +1 to a specific variable, the item does not...
  12. Tatsumaro

    Shop | Graphic and Grid

    Hi im searching for a plugin. I'm using SOUL Graphic Shop ( only to change the shop background) and Shop Menu Core as the layout of the shop. But i want more, im searching for a Grid Inventory. When you enter the shop menu the icons of every item the shop have should be on the right, something...
  13. Hugo Yasha

    [RMMV] How to make a In-Game Store

    I've searched this a lot in the internet and didn't find anything about it. I would like to create an option in the title menu for my player buy (with real money) some items and maps in the game. It's common on mobile games like the 'HideandSeek' (picture below). I know it may be difficult...
  14. Indsh

    Shop kepper diolog

    Hey i'm looking for the easyest way to have shop keepers just say 'thanks' if you buy something but say 'bye' if you don't. I feel like i'm over complicating it in my head. Any ideas?
  15. MerchantLegends

    How to create a shop with variable prices

    Can anyone help? I've been googling for hours and nothing I try seems to work... I want to be able to set the prices for items in a Shop Event, based on the value of a variable. For example, the value of "Potion" is set elsewhere and stored in a variable. When the player goes to a shop, I want...
  16. TheChatotMaestro

    Random Character Draw

    I want to implement a feature that, for a certain amount of currency: Randomly selects one of several characters from a list, some being rarer than others (80% R, 15% SR, 4% SSR, 1% UR, or some such percentage lineup) Plays an animation based on which character was selected (each one will have...
  17. beenus

    How do i make an object interactable only with enough gold

    i wanna make a shop system where each object you have to interact with to buy, but how do i make it so you can only interact if you have enough money. is there a way. also i'm new to the fourms here hi.
  18. Percid

    Different Selling Price per Shop

    Hello, I have been searching for some plugin that would allow me to set up sell prices for certain items per shop or region. I would like my game to rely on trading for money instead of getting currency from monsters. The purpose is to, as you quest, you stock up on goods and sell elsewhere...
  19. HexMozart88

    Shop System With Events

    Hey, it's Hex again. I decided to go back and do some tutorials, since my shop screen in my game ended up being liked by a lot of people. For those of you who have never seen what it looks like, here it is. Please note: the inventory screen is not part of the tutorial. That was part of the...
  20. lucofthewind

    Question about Window_ShopStatus and displaying more actors

    Basically what I am trying to do is edit the Window_ShopStatus to display six actors in the windows, instead of 4. Things I have already tried: ~ So far I have changed line 57-62: #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Number of Actors...

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