1. LewisDruid

    FantasyCrystal Shop Tileset

    Resource Type: Tileset Maker Format: MV Art Style: MV Description: My game's story and world lore rely heavily on the use of crystals, and I was hoping someone could make a tileset with crystals on display for use in a shop. I'm thinking crystals like the ones shown below, since these...
  2. Marston

    Dynamic Shop

    Hello there. Nearly a year ago I made a thread, asking for a plugin. I have started with the game by now, but it's still not much. Looking back, the whole thing with chests containing random items can easily be done with common events. However, I still need a plugin for a dynamic shop...
  3. Broken_squirrel

    Shopkeepers With Limited Stock

    Hello everyone, how would I go about creating shopkeepers with limited stocks of items. For example a shopkeeper only sells 3 of a certain item a day or only one item ever. I currently use the Orange Time System to replenish and respawn events on the map (such as mineral nodes, etc.) Is...
  4. Gabrelik

    Staring a Shop - Advice?

    Hi!  I was curious if anyone who has completed artwork for commission would have any advice on rates, etc? I'm new to this and I've been asked to complete a few commissions recently. While I don't mind, I thought it might be easier to set up a shop in the classifieds to help facilitate...
  5. Hitzuki Key

    Hitzuki Key's Doodads-list! (New: Indrah's Nature & Dungeon Doodads!)

    Good day fellow makers and friends! Welcome to my Doodads' Collectibles! Feel free to browse to your heart's content! If you want to stay updated to new doodads from my part, make sure to follow my profile! ♥ The name of this great armored person is unknown, but he likes to be called the...
  6. Kevin Eontrainer

    Venka Crafting Script expansion - 'Obtain' a Recipe

    Hello everyone.. So, I've been using Venka's crafting script lately and it has been working nicely. I also noticed the feature where you can learn how to synthesis/craft something via recipes from shop by putting a notetag on an item. But I wanted the recipes to be given to the player...
  7. HexMozart88

    Change Item Price In Game

    I would like to know if it would be possible to change the price of an item at any given moment, because I want my game to have a lock option, which means it cannot be sold, and I believe the only way to do that is to set the price to zero (unless anyone else has a better way), but the problem...
  8. Kes

    Shop selling limited numbers of common items

    I can set up a rare item in the database so that a shop selling it only has one, or 4 or whatever in stock. That works because there are only 1 or 4 etc in the database. However, I also want to be able to do that with an ordinary item, e.g. health potions, where I cannot set an overall limit...
  9. Rink27

    Shop Processing in Bundles

    Hello, is there any script or eventing methods to enable shopping by bundles? Example: A) The shop menu either enables you to buy items in multiples of a number, such as 10 - Arrows x10 / x20 / x30 / etc    B ) or a set number above 1 - Arrows x2 / x7 / x13 / x25 / etc (Only one of...
  10. ZServ

    Removing Parameters from Yanfly Shop Options?

    Hey there! I'm looking to remove some parameters from the Shop Options script, found HERE. From what I've gathered, the parameters are shown via this snippet: #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # draw_item_stats...
  11. Need help with a shop

    I need help making a way where I can pay an NPC and they will join my party.
  12. Ossra

    Ossra's Plugins <Plugin Count: 13> <13th September 2016>

  13. Name

    Change shop menu size

    Is there a way, or script, that can change the size of the shop scene? Like make it only cover half of the screen instead of the full screen. Solved:I figured it out.
  14. Soulnet

    Shop for Sellers

    I see there are a lot of shops that changes the look of the buy screen but not much in the way of the sell screen. My request is simple. I would like the 'sell' screen to look like the 'buy' screen. So in Buy it's set up as icon, item name, cost   (column break) possession. I'd like...
  15. Kino

    EIS Shop System

    Intro: This plugin handles managing shops in the game giving you more shop features. Version: 1.00 Features: Randomized Shops Adjusting Shop sell prices Shops with item stock restocking item shops Adjusting randomized item prices Instructions: Install the script with...
  16. Zarsla

    Experience as Currency/Experience Shop

    The plugin I request is an experience as currency/experience shop.  With the experience as currency, experience will be used instead of gold as the way to buy items, armors and weapons. When you buy items the cost is divide among the party, eg if you have potion that cost 100 exp,   and your...
  17. blackmorning84

    BM MV Shop

    BM MV Shop Author: Blackmorning Changelog * Version 1.21: 2018-Apr-01 * - fixed error with parameters * Version 1.20: 2018-Mar-16 * - compatibility with EIS Shop System * - updated for RPG Maker MV version 1.5.0 * Version 1.10: 2017-Feb-23 *- added info from YEP-ShopCore * Version...
  18. request for a shop that you can only sell items to

    In RPG Maker VX Ace, there was a script that allowed you to access the shop scene to only allowing selling items and I believe to also set a price for it. You were able to choose which items to allow selling using the shop processing command. I believe the script was made by Tsukihime here on...
  19. Soulnet

    Variable shop prices

    So I'm looking to have shops in say three different locations. Each location will have some items that over lap. We'll just call it Item A. So Scenario 1; location 1, Item A costs 100 to buy and sold to a vendor for 60. location 2, Item A costs 80 to buy and sold to a vendor for 70...
  20. DogeWorm


    So is there a way to make it so that shops only have one of every product?

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