1. Mr. Trivel

    Menu Music

    Name: Menu Music Version: 1.0 Author: Mr. Trivel Created: 2016-05-16   About the plugin: Don't want default map music playing in Menu? Shop? Crafting menu? This plugin allows to change their music to something you'd like instead.  Maybe some calming music for...
  2. Tu-Face

    Shop Window

    I wanted to change the position of the equipment icon/name shown under "Possession", so that it doesn't collide with the characters' displayed names.  I assumed this could be fixed in the "Configuration Shop Menu" script under Window_Category (since that's what comes up when I use the window...
  3. Mr. Trivel

    No Item Categories

    Name: No Item Categories Version: 1.1 Author: Mr. Trivel Created: 2015-10-29   What does it do? Removes item categories from item menu scene and from shop scene.   Screenshot: None. How to use? Plug, change parameters in Plugin...
  4. Dream Syrup Games

    Graphic Shop Screen request

    Hello, I'm working on a project for MV and I need a customizable shop screen. I created a couple mock-ups to show the general idea of what I want it to look like, but, of course, I understand the final product may not look exactly like it! It was inspired by the feel of Persona 4 and Persona 3. ...
  5. Shop help

    Hi I have a shop set up where you can buy armor when I try to buy the armor it doesn't show in my inventory. Is it possible to add gloves, leggings, etc(anything besides helmet and chest plate) into the game? Thanks!
  6. Emberstorm

    Which shop interface do you like best?

    I'd love to hear the community's opinion on this. Would you prefer: a. Standard shop interface. You get a list of all items the shop has to sell, for easy comparison. b. You can visually see every item on the tables in the store. However, you have to move and interact with each to see...
  7. nofrodelius

    VX Ace Shop Resources in MV for Commercial Game

    Okay, trying this again. I want to ask a question related to the conversation over here:  Basically, as I understand it, you can use VX Ace resources in MV for commercial use, as long as you own licenses to both games. Any resources that are sold through the RPG Maker shop, however, cannot...
  8. Richard John S

    Auto Set Equipment Price (+) with Parameters

    I'm looking for a script that will use the fixed set price in the equipment database, but will also add a set amount to the cost per point in a parameter. EX: Base price from database = 1000. Equipment has 10 atk and 10 def. So, it would be 1000 from base price + (10 atk * atk price value) + (10...
  9. RainbowGrenade

    Track item sales with variables?

    What I'd like to do is pretty simple, but search as I may, I can't seem to find any info on how to do it.  I would just like to have variables attached to certain items that will increase as they are sold.  I found one script that seemed like it would work, but it wasn't working/compatible and...
  10. Akariu

    Blurry Background

    Hello everyone! I got just a little problem over here^^° Every time i open the shop the background gets blurry....I know, it is suppoesed to happen but i want to remove this because i want to use my own pictures behind it and this looks kinda lame then :| The same happens at the custom...
  11. Mr. Trivel

    Open Shops

    Author: Mr. Trivel Name: Open Shops Created: 2016-03-18 Version: 1.0   What does it do? This plugins allows player to open a shop for a single item instead of going into whole shop scene with multiple items. Also allows to see whether item was bought or not and set an...
  12. Mr. Trivel

    Unlock Shop Items

    Author: Mr. Trivel Name: Unlock Shop Items Created: 2016-03-16 Version: 1.1   What does it do? Unlock new items in shop by selling or plugin commands.   Screenshots:   How to use? Setting up Recipes: Items tagged with any of these...
  13. izyees

    Izy's Shop Cart Core

    Izys Shop Cart Core This script will add a cart to your shop.   Features: * Unlimited Cart.* Taxes and offers built in. * Add/remove item. * A price formula design for your shop, so you can make a multiple shop with custom price! * Own price condition for each item. * Now it's...
  14. Hatake-hime

    Shop AI?

    I'd like to make it so I can have people come in to the shop and order random things, I'd like the people to be random as well, but I'm not sure how to go about this. Is it too complicated? Should I give up? :stare: Thank you ! ** I'd like to make a shop simulation game, if anyone has...
  15. Sriseru

    [Commercial] Specify Selling Price For Individual Shops and Items

    We can easily specify the price for buying an item in a particular shop (rather than using the standard price), but I would like to see a plugin that also allows you to specify the price for selling an item. For instance, let's say we have two item shops: Shop A and Shop B. At Shop A they...
  16. emilywake


    I know how to use the shop process and all, but I want to know how to make a shop process that happens through a counter? Is it done the same way as any other event, or is it special for RMMV?
  17. nazgul

    Yanfly Shop menu, Adding Icons to Character Names.

    I am trying to use this script Just got some face portraits in the form of icons and i wanted to try using them.   So I want to add Icons to where the actors names are at the bottom right under "In Possesion" Please...
  18. Pirobi

    JK_DirectShop - Skip buy/sell window on purchase/sell only

    JK_DirectShop v1.5 Author: Pirobi and JK Software Introduction This simple script will, for shop commands where "PurchaseOnly" is checked, go directly to the buy screen. I decided to do this because it seemed redundant to have to still navigate that window if you aren't allowed to sell, and, if...
  19. Simple Yet Elegant Inventory, Battle, and Shop Menu

    I don't like clunky menus. I'm a fan of "clean" menus like Final Fantasy X, rather than "complex" menus like Xenoblade Chronciles. These menus I want aren't like either one, though, they're just what I want for my time travel game. If a script (or scripts) already exists for this kind of thing...
  20. YvetteJene

    Reccetear-Like Shop window UI.

    Hey, everybody-- I currently have a shop system set up where the PC can set out items and sell them to customers much like the game Reccetear. However, I'm lacking the User Interface required to make it seamless. In Reccetear, the game relies on a base price, a percentage mark-up, and the end...

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