1. Req: Need to detach EXP from Level

    Hello, and thanks in advance for the consideration. I am working on a project in which EXP is gained as a resource ,but does not increase character level directly. Instead, players would buy their stat increases and skills through a menu, and each purchase increases character level. (Similar to...
  2. BlackLiquidSorrow

    Custom Shop Currency

    I need a script that makes a shop that doesn't accept gold, instead it accepts items.  It would be sort of like having a casino that accepts tokens.
  3. Shop Costs as Items for VX Ace

    Hey everyone, this is the first time I've needed to ask the forum anything. I hope this is the right place to ask this as it isn't just about either scrips or events. I'm faced with a bit of a conundrum while making my game. You see I want there to be a shop that 'sells' weapons and armor by...
  4. Madalin Vlad

    Mr. Faux GFX shop

    My portfolio for samples: MADALINVLAD.NET   As payment fluctuates, it will be discussed with the client before and/or after the job is done.   Usual prices: Logo: 20$ GUIs: 40$ Business cards: 20$ Banner: 10$
  5. MiBa

    MiBa's Music Shop!

    Hi all. I'm offering my service to you in exchange for credits in-game. I need more experience, so please request something. :) Samples:
  6. [REQUEST] Shop Menu Script

    Heya, here to request a script for shop menus. Main idea of the script was to simplify some of the user flow through purchasing in shops, rather than having to hit a buy/sell/cancel menu every single time. I'd like it to be compatible with Tsukihime's Shop Manager and Common Event Shop, if...
  7. Evan Finkel

    Zalett's Artsy Shop [CLOSED TIL JULY]

    CLOSING UNTIL JULY..! ANY OF THE ART WORKS INCLUDED HERE ARE STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED FOR USE BECAUSE THOSE WERE COMMISSIONED/REQUESTED! NOTE* Don't ask for anything such as "Do you have some animals art?" Only request if really needed. Plus I only do human type guys art.   Hey, thanks for time to...
  8. Placidium

    Newbie seeks help! (various questions)

    :rock-left: Hello fellow RMVX Ace users! :rock-right: I'm a complete newbie when it comes to game creating. I got RMVX Ace approx 2-3 days ago and I've been playing around with it since. I've also watched tutorials on youtube just so I have some idea about what I am actually doing. Since I...
  9. BadMinotaur

    Solutions for setting up a shop through your own website

    I'm on the cusp of finishing my first commercial game. Now that I'm winding down and testing is almost done, it's time that I work on actually selling the game. While I will be submitting the game to portals, I'd really like to have my own direct solution as well, and that's what this topic is...
  10. Tigersong

    New items in stock

    Hey, everyone. I found an interesting  mechanic in Dust: An Elysian Tail and I'm curious as to whether it would work in RPG Maker. Dust has merchants who, among other things, sell crafting materials. The catch is, the player must first sell them (him?) at least one unit of a new material...
  11. blackmorning84

    Blackmorning Scripts

    Blackmorning Scripts Here are the scripts I made for RPG Maker VX Ace. They can all be found with full descriptions on my site. Core Scripts (2) These are scripts that majorly impact the game and should to be placed towards the top regardless of where they are...
  12. Refurin

    Sell To Shop Stock

    Sell To Shop Stock Refurin   Introduction Causes items to be sold to a shop's stock. Requires Tsukihime's Shop Manager and Shop Stock addon.   Features - Sold items go to a shop's stock.   Screenshots Just imagine that when you sell stuff, you can buy it back.   How to Use Add...
  13. Silent Darkness

    Herbology(And it's effects on the basic game mechanics)

    For a project i'm working on, I was talking to a friend of mine who's helping me with the planning part of it, and he suggested a herbology mechanic, which for those who are unaware, is essentially going to be making potions and other helpful things out of plants and their parts. I'm a bit...
  14. TinyMine

    Tinys Trade System (TTS)

    Tinys Trade System (TTS) + Addons   Script Name : Tinys Trade System 1.15 Creator name : TinyMine   Introduction Trading with goods like in Elder Scrolls or Gothic? Now it is possible. This script extends your game by a complete new shop system.   Screenshots :   Script :  New Versions : ...
  15. Hiek

    Revenant Stories - Visual Shop

    Revenant Stories - Visual Shop v1.1 by: Aarticus Translated by: Lankaino Introduction A custom shop that uses visual images to look fancy.   Features - Easy to use. - Allows you to have full body portrait NPC shops. - Allows you to have NPC bubble dialogues. Screenshots How to Use...
  16. kerbonklin

    Can anyone help me look for...

    A shop script that displays multiple parameter increases/decreases of weapons/armors, for each actor? Kind of like how this VX game (Lunar Wish - Orbs of Fate) has it, but for Ace?  It's kind of a pain to have equips give multiple stats and then it only displays the change of the highest stat...
  17. Hytporsche

    [VXA] Shop Confirm Window (Yes or No)

    Shop Confirm Window (Yes or No) I have a basic script understanding, but I'm not sure how to go about making this possible. I am wanting, when I am either in the ShopBuy or ShopSell to have a "Shop confirm window" to pop-up and allow you to pick yes or no. The pictures below show what I mean...
  18. DarknessFalls

    Kalacious's Currency System and Shop!

    Kalacious Currency Generator and Currency Shop! 1.0.1   Creator: Kalacious (AKA Vindictive Personality) Introduction This set of scripts is designed to allow you to create your own currencies and also set up shops to use those scripts. Features Create new currencies Create new shops for those...
  19. diablodevil2

    Running a shop?

    Heya, I'm pretty new to the recent RPG maker, though I played around with it a little waaaay back when on the Ps1. =p Anywho, I had a thought for making a game kinda comparable to Recettear.  That is, a game where the focus is on selling things, building up your shop, expanding, etc. Testing...
  20. Hytporsche

    [ACE] Item Inventory (Showing Full) for shop

    [ACE] Item Inventory (Showing Full) for shop I'm not sure how to go about this. I used Tuskhime "FP Inventory System" and was able to limit how many items are in my inventory at once and even looked at RPG Maker VX ACE default number of items and was able to make the correct change. But, when i...

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