1. Linally

    How to make an event trigger when you buy something

    Hi all! My question is about getting an EVENT item to show when I've bought an item. In this particular project, I want you to be able to buy "key items", like furniture. And when you buy this furniture from the shop, it being in the inventory should cause the event to trigger on the map, and...
  2. Player owned shop script

    Hey there folks, long time lurker here. I'm looking for a way that allows players to run their own shop where they can put items up for sale after which NPCs or invisible NPCs come to 'buy' things set on a timer. This is probably a rather advanced request, though and I haven't been able to find...
  3. Tsukihime

    Common Event Shop

    The common event shop allows you to sell items that execute common events. Whenever an item is purchased, any common event effects attached to the item will be executed. This is a powerful feature because you are able to do anything you want when an item is purchased by simply using RPG Maker’s...
  4. Tsukihime

    Learn Skill Shop

    Learn Skill Shop This script provides a shop that allows you to buy new skills for your actors. It comes with a unique shop scene that will display all of the skills or spells that are available for sale. Download Get it at Hime Works Usage In the Class tab, create some learning objects...
  5. Tsukihime

    Sell-only Shop

    Sell-Only Shop Tsukihime This script allows you to create a shop that only allows the player to sell things to the shop. You can setup your shop to only take specific items, and you can set up the sell prices of any item. Download Get it at Hime Works ShopManager v1.1 or above required...
  6. Tsukihime

    Shop Stock

    Shop Stock -Tsukihime This script adds a "stock" count to each shop good. Once a shop good's stock reaches 0, it will no longer be available in the shop. The stock is set up for individual shops. One shop's stock does not affect another shop's stock. The stock is only setup once: if you...
  7. Hororo

    Shop scene

    i would like to ask a script modifying the shop scene Buy & Sell Scene first is similar like this one: (disregard the register and the R&T sundries) first off is the buy and sell, preferably like this one, as you can see in the picture it has a small...
  8. omoney

    Logo-motive ~ I'll (try) to make you a logo!

    Your work looks great! If you have some free time could you make a logo for "Dango Dorm" or "Dango Dormitory"? I want it to be a cute looking logo. Perhaps a sleepy dango next to the words or maybe replace an O with a dango. Below are some links that will hopefully help. If you have a different...
  9. hyde9318

    The Graphic Bunker 3: The Return

    Well everyone, it has been a while, so I think I should update you. This version of the Bunker is getting shut down due to myself being away from it. As I am not as active on this site as I used to be, the GFX Bunker is being moved to RMP. So, to let everyone know, the new version is under...
  10. Filius Rex

    [-Eventing-] How to make a Zelda-esque shop!

    A good example of how powerful a good eventing system can be. this will be very helpful to many people!

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