1. Roseredpinball

    Placing items on platforms to be sold?

    Hello all, I'm looking to make a game where you can sell things by placing them from your inventory on platforms. Only problem is, I'm not sure how to go about this. I was thinking I could do a select key item sort of thing but that would take forever if I were to include all the possible items...
  2. Guardinthena

    Visual Shopkeeper Modification to Yanfly Shop Menu Core Plugin

    Hello and good day everyone! To cut to the chase, let me dive into the gritty details of what I mean by the title above. Let me start off by stating that what I am looking for is a modification to Yanfly's Shop Menu Core for MV, just so no one is confused later. That stated, by now I would...
  3. LuLingqi1

    Should a shop keeper be vital to the tale?

    Hey guys! So, after doing the first bug test of the first 40ish minutes of my game, I learned a lot. One thing I decided to do, was involve the Shopkeeper this early on in the tale. The spoiler is specific to my game, but scroll below it to see the TLDR that can be applied to all games...
  4. KonKossKang

    How to make a shopkeeper say certain text one time only?

    making a practice game and need to know how to make a shopkeeper say one thing,but only once and that phrase would be replaced with "what would you like to buy" the whole game how do i achieve this? example:one time only "oh,i see you are short a person in your group" and then after that...

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