1. BurningOrca

    Shop Category Customization

    Plugin Purpose This plugin let's you customize how category windows are shown in the shop menu. It is plug and play. By default it changes nothing. It comes with three plugin parameters: Buy Categories Window: Contains a switch whether the buy window should be categorized, aswell as layout...
  2. BurningOrca

    BurningOrca Plugins

    I thought as many other authors already have created a central thread for all their plugins I will do this aswell. The terms of use apply to all plugins posted here and in the linked threads. Terms of use: Free for non-commercial and commercial use. Credits not required, but appreciated. (It...
  3. BurningOrca

    Burning Orca Shops

    First of all I know Tsukihime has written a Shop Manager and propably other authors have done similar things and I didn't think I would be able to do the same, but it actually didn't take that long. Terms of Use: As always totally free for commercial and non-commercial use and it doesn't need...
  4. Is it possible to only buy an item once from a shop?

    Let me explain. In my game, you are able to synthesize items. To do so, you need to buy recipe books. But it seems a bit silly to be able to buy the same exact recipe book twice when you don't need to. So is it possible to make it so you can buy a certain recipe book only once, before the...
  5. Dream Syrup Games

    Graphical Shop plugin

    Hello! I was wondering if someone could make a plugin for me for a graphical shop! I found one a short while ago that was perfect but...All of the instructions and credit rules are in Chinese, and I've tried messaging the OP of the plugin to get help for it, but I haven't gotten any reply...So...
  6. RoxyStarlite

    Making a Npc sell plot addons

    I know the basics of making a shop and all but I wonder if their is a way to sell certain house add on or houses to the main character and how would you be able to implement it into a game If you use the shop implement then you can only sell items but would their Be a way to let say you buy the...
  7. Manofdusk

    Restaurants, cooking, and food buffs

     Is there a way to create shops and perhaps crafting stations that give you a buff (rather than an item) when purchased or created?  or perhaps items that are used immediately upon being obtained? Basically, I want players to eat cooked meals as soon as they're cooked (because, really.... who...
  8. Shop discounts?

    What I am trying to do is set up a class that will increase gold drops from battle, and lower item costs at shops as well as increase sell price of items. Is there any plugins or anyway of doing this? I already use yanfly plugins for the classes, but can't seem to set anything up to control shop...
  9. Zael

    RPG Maker MV Tutorial - Leveled Shops

    It has always bothered my in games when you get to the next town and they have better loot in the Shops than the previous town. If the guys in the last town wanted to, they could take over the world with their superior weaponry. So I made a Tutorial on how to make your Shops level with the...
  10. pixxel4

    [Ace] Sell items only?

    I've been making a little farming game in my spare time (think of it as a very simplified Harvest Moon). I have a farming system set up and working, but I'm struggling with what comes after that - selling the crops. Is there a way to set up the shop so that you can only sell certain items, but...
  11. Tsukihime

    Hidden Shop Goods

    In RPG Maker MV, when you create shops, you start by specifying a list of items that will be sold, along with their prices.   The engine then handles the rest for you so that when the player talks to the shopkeeper, the items you've set up will be displayed.   However, what happens if you want...
  12. Ancientspark74

    How can you have an shop only buy back 1 item ?

    I'd love to have a specific npc buyback 1 kind of item only and refuse others, is this possible to do? (I need a farmer to buy back a specific enemy drop item but not any item at all)
  13. Silenity

    Requesting some fantasy shop backgrounds!~

    Hiya! I'm requesting a few backgrounds for a project I am working on. Looking for 640x480 fantasy backgrounds for multiple shops; preferably, all similar styles. I'm using these for whenever accessing a shop. Instead of going inside the shop the menu opens up and the background is displayed...
  14. Dangime

    Item Specific Supply and Demand Price Changes

    I've been working on a project akin to the Uncharted Waters series. If you don't know, this largely involves sailing around the world and trading in various commodities. Sorry if this topic gets complicated but it involves ideas surrounding economics. I've already created a mechanic to reflect...
  15. 100LittleDreams

    How to make quest and junk items sellable.

    Oki, I'm guessing people who are new to using Modern Algebra's Quest Journal Script are wondering how to make quest items dropped from mobs sellable. (Basically so you don't have unneeded items clogging your bag and maybe make a bit of extra cash too.) Well here is how to do it: Create the...
  16. Help Creating an Item Trade/Craft System

    I've been working on a project and have decided to incorporate an NPC who can fashion magical gems from shards of like gems (Example, 3 Ruby Shards =1 Blaze Gem) I know I could always use a conditional branch  that would flow similarly to If player has: 3 Ruby Shards in inventory then -3...
  17. nathanlink169

    Using Switches to control what's sold in shops

    So what I'm planning on doing is having a common event for a shop that uses switches to determine whether or not that item is sold. Unfortunately I'm not doing it in order (Like weapon set 1, weapon set 2, weapon set 3, etc.), like the player will have to do sidequests in order to unlock the new...
  18. Tsukihime

    Shop Option: Price Formulas

    The Shop Manager now supports a new shop option called "price formula". This allows you to set the price of a good using a formula. The basic use case is to allow you to enter arbitrary prices (for example, an easy way to set prices over 999999). The real power of price formulas comes in...
  19. AnthonyGillis

    Upcoming Project: Fantasy Trader

    Hi all, Thought I'd announce an upcoming project that is a little outside the norm. Fantasy Trader is my attempt to cross the RPG and Trading Game genres. Ever wonder what might happen if a character decided to invest some of their loot rather than just buy more gear? Ever wanted to play an...
  20. Velex

    Is there a way to make shops only buy?

    I'm looking to make a shop which will only buy certain items, while also not selling them. Is there a good way to do this? For instance, if I was to find an item called "magic talking bricks", could I make a shop which will only buy said magic talking bricks? (And do no other functions, such as...

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