short game

  1. P0keClaw

    RMVXA L'ora Oscura: Timeless Flowers Edition (v.2.1)

    L'ora Oscura: Timeless Flowers Edition (v.2.1) Preface L'ora Oscura: Timeless Flowers Edition is a small project I made while I was working on a different project. It's somewhat of a Visual Novel that tells it's situation through text and scenarios. Even though the game came out in 2015, I...
  2. RPG_itch_Studio

    RMMV Battlefantasy

    A short turn-based RPG game where you will do only one thing: BATTLE! FEATURES: very short game (10-15 min) with only 5 stages, ideal for casual gaming no main story, no weapon upgrades, no character level up classic turn-based battle system with animated characters and enemies 3 enemy troops...
  3. 573Games

    RMVXA Flag Simulator (4-minute mini-game)

    SYNOPSIS Flag Simulator is a very short (~4 minutes) game about life, death, thinking, the first amendment, and coffee creamer. You are a level 10 executive-type who makes several decisions each day, including who to hire, who to fire, whether to buy the good coffee creamer or the cheap stuff...

    AN ANAGLYPH 3D, COMEDIC, SHORT RPG! SYNOPSIS In a faraway land, lived a King that had won his Kingship and the love of his people within his kingdom, by using only democracy. King Grayze IV, won his battles by using peace and understanding, that had won the hearts of the people all over the...
  5. Nirwanda

    Pathway: Desire+

    Pathway: Desire+:     Abstract: A wanderer has to find her way out of a cave. Genre: Fantasy, Dungeon crawler Average Play Time: 1:30 / 2 hours Game Progression: Finished!   Story / Setting / Purpose: During RMC's Indie in a week V, I created what I thought would be a fun and simple...
  6. Crocandthemoon

    It's Gonna Be A Long Night (A short murder/mystery game)

    Hello, I'm currently working on finishing up a game demo/short game in RMMV based on an old idea I once had wherein the game was short and the ending was randomized each time. My friend calls it like a cynical version of Clue, which I guess sums it up. I've been using the POP HORROR pack for...
  7. The MM

    The W-Team in Patina Castle

    The W-Team in Patina Castle Disclaimer: This game was made within a 20-day trial. Some glitches may remain in the game despite the glitch-hunting done in the last days of the creation of the game. Game Type: RPG Flavour: Modern (though the characters are actually fantasy characters...
  8. metronome

    [Finished] INVICTiA

        Dedicated to those of you who almost give up. Know that you will NEVER loose as long as you don't give up to the bitter end.   Screenshots:   Characters: There are really only two characters in these whole game (excluding extras). Introducing them would be...
  9. That Bread


      The order of the Knights of belial  are working on a weapon of mass destruction called Nocturnus. The weapon has the ability to destroy entire cities by using the negative energy it drains from its victims. The intrepid order Of the Solus Knights, an Order opposed to the Knights of...
  10. byBibo

    RPG Maker Birthday Bash - Amnemoria

    Hello Everyone! This birthday contest is quite fun, and it sure push ourselves to finish a project! I actually had no project at all, as for now I focus on making content, but I want to give it a try, so here you are: my Amnemoria Project! :) Summary It's strange how things...
  11. Impaled Janus

    The Fable of Gretel

      The Fable of Gretel is a short 8bit style action game a la The Legend of Zelda. It was originally made in Italian in 2010 for a fable-themed contest on, where it reached second place. A really minimalistic game, it doesn't take more than a hour to beat. Being completed in a...
  12. Ratty524


    Credit goes to for this title.   Sellsword is a semi-traditional, comedic RPG entry originally created for the Golden Week of RPG Maker 2003 event at RPG The goal was to make a game using strictly Rm2k RTP assets.  Join three inept mercenaries: Riley the...
  13. Sausage_Boi

    Farm Life 2040

    20 years after the Barbarian Invasion was successfully ended, peace crept upon the land. Most of the cities razed, the few survivors were left to eke a out a living with an increasing number of monsters while taking up the Old Ways of Agriculture to earn their sustenance.   In Farm Life 2040...
  14. Fring Frang

    Meteghan Frenchy's User Experience Simulation

    CLICK HERE TO PLAY IN YOUR BROWSER Game Synopsis, setting, and characters: This isn't a traditional RPG game. There are no goals other than to explore Meteghan Frenchy's, modeled after the iconic thrift store, and interact with people and the environment to hear their stories. The characters...
  15. FlynnFlam

    Fevered Dreams

    Introduction Hello, this is my very first game created with RPG Maker! It’s a short horror tale that I had a lot of fun building. I learned a lot—and still have a lot to learn. :) Story You awaken in a rambling old mansion, your memories vague and uncertain. The butler informs you that you...
  16. KlausAidon

    The Adventures of Drunk Magician

    The Adventures of Drunk Magician Introduction This is a short game I made based off a joke between me and a friend of mine. Story The Drunk Magician is lost again, and it's up to his Designated Driver to make sure they get to their party in time. Characters The Drunk Magician A "hero" who has...
  17. SWAT Kitty-The Prelude

    *Ques deep dramatic voice*  In a world where a random Kitty decides to try out for the SWAT team ,will it have what it take to pass the test??? In this short timed game you will face off against multiple enemies in an attempt to pass the Qualification test for the Swat team. You will chase them...
  18. CzarSquid

    Friend (A short game) v 2.0 - New Version

        UPDATES Aug 23, 2015 - Version 2.0 is now officially out! July 30, 2015 - Started work on version 2 of this game. Same game and story but with more content, puzzles, lore and maybe save function. Read more about it here. July 25, 2015 - News on the canceled Friend 2 game. Read here. May, 17...
  19. Demonheart

    Hello. My name is Dave and I really like JRPGs!!! I have made my first JRPG game and it is very short but I think it is good for me. This game should only take 5-10 minutes to experience fully unless you get very stuck or like reading the dialogue so much that you just can't stop. Overview...
  20. Hailren

    Murder Mystery theater cold case

    This game is still a work in progress I do not have any game play available yet It's still in early development. Synopsis Synopsis: Murder Mystery theater cold case is a game based off the board game Clue. The premises of the game is. You play as Charles Worthington, A successful business...

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