1. remainderstudios

    Show text by script (without message box)

    how to display text on screen without using message box? but anywhere on the screen. The problem with message boxes is that it only limits you to showing text above, in the middle and below the screen and you must press Enter to continue the event process. Is there a way to display a text...
  2. LunaFamiliar

    RMMV YEP Shop Menu Core - Show Equip Status?

    Hello everyone! I'm currently in a bit of a pickle trying to find a way to modify one tiny window of the YEP Shop Menu Core scene. Currently, when purchasing Items the menu looks like this... It shows the amount party has in their current Inventory on the right hand-side. Perfect! Except...
  3. Hide window during battle

    Hello guys! I added a video file as one of the enemy attacks. Made the skill and linked it to a common event. It works well but i want to make the window disappear during the video. Is it possible somehow? Thanks for the answers! :) Im talking about this window:
  4. _Shadow_

    Fade in Fade out picture.

    [NO need for plugin] ◆Move Picture:#1, Center (408,312), (100%,100%), 255, Normal, 30 frames (Wait) Show picture with opacity 0 Move picture at the same spot and opacity to 255 and give it as many frames as you want the fadein to last. Thanks @caethyril for the answer. How about a plugin...
  5. Indsh

    Show Picture From Different Folder

    I have created an evented book system and am looking for a light wait solution to calling $gameScreen.showPicture(1, "pic_1", 0, 20, 300, 100, 100, 255, 0) for example but it loading from this.loadBitmap('img/book/', filename, hue, true); instead of this.loadBitmap('img/pictures/'...
  6. Mr_Saltine

    Help with odd skill system

    I am trying to make a skill/magic system similar in function to the "Mana Eggs" from Grandia 2. My version are crystals. for example, equipping the Fire Crystal will only let you see, learn, and use Fire spells. if you unequip the fire crystal, the spells go with it. i can set the crystals to...
  7. FoxySeta

    Javascript 【Foxy's】Time System

    Introduction This extension is nothing huge, actually. I just needed this function for a project I'm working on. Description A very very small extension to show the player what chapter they're playing and what part of the day it is at the moment. Download Google Drive Installation Check the...
  8. FoxySeta

    Loading a save file with choices on screen stucks the game after answering

    Loading a save file with choices on screen stucks tha game after answering. Is that an engine bug or am I just doing things wrong? I haven't tested this there, but you can use an Action UI template to check it yourselves.
  9. Quanee

    Script to change window battle commands

    Hi, I'd like to change my window battle command window to show all of the commands at the same time, instead of seeing 4 at a time with an up/down arrow going through the rest of them. Below I'm attaching a link to steam forums I've found a bit useful (it's for width purposes though). But for...
  10. tammie

    RMVXAce Yanfly battle system - cursor not showing

    I urgently need help with this. I am using @Yanfly's battle engine script in my VX Ace game. But the cursor won't show (the option won't be highlighted) when I hover over it! Here is the script that I think is causing the issue. http://rpgmakersource.com/freebies/systems/smooth-cursor/ Or a...
  11. leoroura

    Show multiple pictures?

    Hello! It's me again :P I've made a roulette thread yesterday but i came out with a much simpler solution, yet now i find myself in trouble again >.< You see... I want to show a picture that looks like a board. On top of that picture, i want to show another picture (PNG) that is a light. The...
  12. idillicah

    Add more options to "Show Choices" event command?

    Hi! Just a quick question: Is there a way to add more options (more than the 6 that are built into the engine) for the "Show Choices" event command? I'm trying to build a hub from where to transport the player based on quests, and I want to give them more than 6 options. Any help is...
  13. HexMozart88

    Variable Confusion

    I'm trying to show the enemy's health with pictures, but I keep having some issues.  The problem: Please tell me what I am doing wrong.  It seems to be doing this with every number that goes into another digit. Whenever the first number goes to zero, it automatically resets to 9. 
  14. adder

    Yanfly's Skill Learn System

    Hello, Im new to this forum, so Im not sure if this is the right section, but here it is... Im using Yanfly's Skill Learn System but since I have a huge amount of skills to learn, Id like to be able to 'hide' already learnt skills, instead of them staying on the list labeled as learnt. I...
  15. SEK


    SEK_HiddenMembers - v 1.1 By SEK Introduction Not fighting members will be behind your fighting members! Features -Show not fighting members behind your fighting members! -Set their opacity in the plugin manager. -Change their opacity with plugin command. -Change display style. Plugin...
  16. Mr. Trivel

    Dark Room Covers

    Name: Dark Room Covers Version: 1.1 Author: Mr. Trivel Created: 2016-02-17   What does it do? Allows to show and hide regions.   Video:   How to use? Everything is set up using Plugin Commands. And we have a couple of those: RegionReveal...
  17. Derpo

    Show anchored Picture larger than game screen.

    Hi, Currently when we use the Show Picture option the image displayed is stuck as an 'overlay' and stays hovering above the screen even when we move around a larger map. Is there a way to have Pictures not behave like this? For example to have a larger image that extends beyond our game...
  18. Castagna

    Static Actor Battlers

    I'd like to have a plugin that shows pictures of your actor battler when not using sideview plugin, maybe something depending on a class notetag or on a class name. For example let's think about pokemon (just to make you understand my idea): Let's say i have two classes: Pichu & Pikachu. If i...
  19. Rikifive

    RK5's Show Picture Scene

    RK5's Show Picture Scene Version 1   This script adds a scene, where images are displayed. You can switch between images using arrow keys. ● Creates a special 'Scene' where images are displayed          ● Simple picture display, that allows you to show your images (640x480) ● Browse through...
  20. MeowFace

    Change Follower Numbers on Map (Caterpillar Size)

    Made for a request here. This script allows the changing of caterpillar size to more(or less) than 4 without effecting the battler members size. Features: Able to change the visible followers size to more(or less) than 4 without changing the battler members size How to Use: [1] Paste the...

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