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  2. Keegs

    What does your setup look like?

    What's your setup look like right now? For me it's my laptop on top of a laptop fan - without the fan even being on, only being used to prop up the PC at the very left edge of my small black walmart desk that was constructed terribly. Accompanied by two speakers sitting on the right side, a...
  3. MezioPleo

    Mezio's Art

    Hello, I figured the best place to introduce myself would be in the art forums. I'm a professional concept artist and illustrator, I have worked in games and short films.  Random Fun Fact about me: Ronda Rousey posted one of my artwork images on her Instagram. Here is a sample image I have...
  4. Sami-Fire64

    Sami's Song Station!

    Hello, hello! I'm Sami, and when I have time, I fiddle around and try to make music. I'm a rookie and still learning how to go about things, so my work isn't the best yet, but I'm trying to learn through practice. Any advice or critique you can give me will help, though I'm not always the best...
  5. Showcase Your Maps!

    Hello All! I'm working on my mapping skills, and need inspiration for using the Future Tiles DLC.  If you have anything you made that you're proud of, show it off, feel free to post any good map you've made, not just the Future DLC maps. When you post something, put it in this format...
  6. defunct-user

    The Music of DLSea Studios

    Hello there! I'm a longtime professional composer and I'm here to show off my work. I'll be updating this thread from time to time. I was inspired to start making music since I was very young, from playing games like Super Mario Bros 3. The catchy, tinny music captivated my ears and my...
  7. Redweaver

    Redweaver's RPG Maker Mondays

    I'm working on a showcase series to bring attention to RPG Maker games that have caught my interest. I am NOT CURRENTLY taking suggestions as I have a short list I'm working on for upcoming videos. These are short, edited first-impression videos meant as recommendations for games to try out, and...
  8. Karberus

    Karberus' Graphics Studio (Title Screens, Logos, etc...)

    Hello world of RPG's, Today I decided to begin working on title screens mostly for fun, since I like learning different stuff. Here I'll post my work and I would appreciate any comments and ideas or suggestions. UPDATE - I'm back and ready to make some Title screens and other graphics for 2014...

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