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    Ever wanted to display where you are on the map using the predefined buttons? You won't need a script for that, because we can do it by events. So here we go, first, create a common event with these functions: First off, create a parallel process on your map with these events: Make sure...

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Would Jump into Javascript be best off continuing to break down the MV core files, or would people prefer a quick detour to cover everything that's changed in the core from MV to MZ?
Not going to lie... PIXI Particles make fantastic graphics... But predicting the hitbox of something with a "fixed size" but whose graphics can stick out past that, is quite challenging. :kaoswt:
Would you like a glass of spiders?
Besides my Might and Magic inspired project, I have always wanted to make a Fire Emblem-like game. Time is the culprit... Between life, composing music packs, and working on a game can it be done!? The tactical plugins for MV work quite well based on what I have tested.

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