side battle system

  1. NinjaKittyProductions

    RMVXA Storybook Hero [Demo Available]

    SYNOPSIS IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS CHARACTERS STORYLINE/PLOT FEATURES DOWNLOAD LINK A note from NKP The demo showcases more mechanics than it does the overall story. The story is pretty lacking at the moment as we have yet to decide key plot devices and key points of interest to include in...
  2. jonenglish91

    Press Turn Battle System

    Hey Everyone, is there a plugin that replicates the press turn phases? I am more looking for system like shown below in this VX ace video :) If anyone could point me in the right direction that would be great! I'm mainly interested in the group turn icons phases. Many Thanks!
  3. Using YEP Battle System, battle sprites are messed up

    So I'm using YEP Battle System for side-view battles, and everything works fine, except the battle sprites for the player characters are invisible and in a straight line at the bottom of the screen. For reference, the battle field is supposed to look like this:
  4. Viridea

    RMMV Viridescent Dragon RPG -Demo- Feedback

    Viridescent Dragon RPG -Demo- Hi everybody! For a bit of background, I worked a bit with RPG Maker VX Ace and MV in the past only to leave projects unfinished. I want to try to change that by making this game. It's not trying to be the best RPG maker game in the world but I would like for it...
  5. GenoGold

    Animated Side View enemy weapons

    So I have the yanfly plugin working fine for the animated enemies, but the video doesn't explain clearly how to give them a weapon other than the base weapan sprites. i know in the plugin there is 5 custom weapon slots, but none of them have a way to choose what weapon to use.
  6. Questions about yanfly battle engine core for mv

    i keep on trying to use the engine but when i test my game the player party doesn't show up in sideview, and the menu isn't on the bottom. is there something im missing? i dont see this problem anywhere.
  7. CharziSpirit

    Need SV battle sprites for blue flameball

    [This is my first post, and I've never been good with forums, so just tell me if I'm posting in the wrong tags or something] Hello! I've never been really good at sprite work, but I need a side view battle sprite for the sprites that came with the base game, !Flame.png I'm using the blue flame...
  8. liamx2000

    skill animations

    I need help For one of my side view characters, they have 2 separate Moves which are Special and Summon and I want to know how can I make sure the side view animations are different ? So for example when the character uses the "Summon" command I want the character to use a praying animation in...
  9. goldknight555

    RMVXA Project C.U.R.E. Origins

    Demo Dropbox= Gamejolt= Story This is the story of a man named Kin. The player must take on the role of such character and regain their memory. However this memory haunts Kin...
  10. Using MV's SV Battlers in VX Ace?

    So I'm preparing for a game that I will be making in the future. I own BOTH VX Ace and MV. I really like MV but it just lacks the resources I need. The only thing that appeals to me alot is the SV Battlers and the generator. So I was considering about making my game in VX Ace and use MV's SV...
  11. Reedo

    RSSBSACE: Reedo's Simple Side Battle System Ace Edition

    Reedo's Simple Side Battle System Ace Edition (RSSBSACE) Version 1.7b September 30, 2013 By Reedo   References None. This is an original script by Reedo.   Description This script is a recreation of the original RSSBS created for VX back at the end of 2009.  The script has been completely...

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