side scroll

  1. CactusWithGlasses

    Side scrolling/2D sections

    Hello! I'm working on my first project that I'd call 'ambitious' in RPG Maker MV, and I've been trying to get a variety of systems working to get my 'grand vision' working how I'd hoped. One major roadblock though is attempting to get a few 2D sections working. I've found a plugin...
  2. Kuro DCupu

    RMMV Darkness of Hope - The Pocket Watch (IGMC 2017)

    In participation of the IGMC 2017 Eggion presents You play the role of Eris, a young agent of dark organization called Prismatic. Follow her story unraveling the secret of The Pocket Watch through her journey! The game share a story relation to our last IGMC event in 2014, Save the Heart of...
  3. Arisete™

    Up + Down Movement

    Hey guys, I been messing around with the default directions in the script, however I cannot figure out how to disable the following (Facing Down) Sprites, and the (Facing Up) Sprites. My game uses only left and right sprites while still able to move up and down. Basically my movement needs to...

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