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  1. RMMV Trouble implementing animated enemies in RPG Maker MV

    I hope this is in the right place. I'm trying to use Yanfly's Animated Sideview enemies plugin to create breathing sprites in the front-view battle and I've hit several different stages of failure. Initially, it worked. Then when I was adding new assets something went wrong. Initially I was...
  2. Fitferfer

    Help disabling step-in at the start of battles for MV

    Hey everyone, I'm looking to disable the step in/slide in that happens at the start of battle for my actors in the Side View in RMMV. I'm using Yanfly's Core Engine as well as Yanfly's BattleEngineCore. It's great! But I want my battlers to be static on the screen when battles start (or to...
  3. LUKElcs

    MV Girl Sideview Battler sprite needed

    Something that really bugs me about RPG Maker is that the some of the characters don't have any side view battlers. this ofcourse is only a problem if you use side view battlers, and I do, and I have a character who doesn't have one, so... Does anyone have any custom side view battlers for the...
  4. GenoGold

    SOLVED: SV enemy weapons

    ok so yanfly SV enemy plugin shows how to get enemy sprites to use weapons, but i dont know how to get them to use one of the custom weapons. I made a sprite for fallen angel in the character generator and i want him to use the scythe weapon i have. If anyone can help me id greatly appritiate it.
  5. _Shadow_

    Is it possible to change Battle System in game?

    Hello community. On the Database, below the System Tab, there is an option as a checkbox.Use Side-view Battle. I know how it was meant to work. You tick it, you got a side view battle system. You let it unticked, it by default selects first person point of view battle system. Now look. The...
  6. Nightblade50

    [VXAce] Sewer battleback request

    I am in need of a modern sewer battleback for rpg maker vx ace, 544x416. I am using side view battle. Can someone help me? The art style should be RTP.
  7. Rexal

    Enhanced Side-View Battlers

    Enhanced Side-View Battlers v0.1a Rexal Intro - Have a weird sprite sheet with a template like this? No problem! ESVB will get the job done and give you the freedom to use your own templates, no matter how ridiculous they might be! Please note that this is in a very early state so it's prone...
  8. Crimson Dragon Inc.

    side view vs front view

    ok if im being honest.... i dont really see the appeal of sideview..... it increases the file size of the game, and the graphics for it are hard to come by/make, well not really hard but time consuming, i mean other than offering some visually pleasing effects, whats the point now i'm not...
  9. Mace

    How do I animate an attack that comes from my character's hands?

    (Sorry if this is in the wrong section) So, I wanted to animate an attack similar to Ryu's Hadouken or Goku's Kamehameha for SideView but I can't find any tutorial on how to do it. Please help.
  10. Jack_Gram

    Grid Help

    Last night I fixed my art asset issue so now I'm ready to import my character into my game! I know I need a canvas size 576 x 384 The sprites have to be 64 x 64 Is there like a grid or program I can use to make this easier??? Im trying to line up the sprites by free hand and it is not going...
  11. Jack_Gram

    Art Help

    So I commissioned an artist for my game to draw custom battle sprites for my character I didnt realize they needed to be a certain size, is there anyway, that I can get them in the game at their current resolution? Because if i scale it down it looses all the data and looks terrible. So Any...
  12. Rest of the RM2K party to MV (and maybe the enemies too)

    Description of the Feature: It would be a graphichal pack containing the missing heroes from rm2k It would contain everything an MV character needs: walking animation, death pose, sv battler, faceset - and extra bust image because the rest of the party already have bust images Optionally this...
  13. rco55

    Displaying Actor "Battler" during battle instead of Sprites

    Hey guys, This is actually my first post on these forums, and I hope there's many more to come, haha. It's kind of a downer that it's about something i can't seem to figure out, though! I've been looking so hard to find a script for ACE that will allow me to display a battler (or picture) of...
  14. VX Ace Battlers Converted to SV MV

    Does anyone have the battlers from VX converted to MV side battle usage? I know it (at least for me) wouldn't be an easy feat, just looked around and the enemies from there appeal more than MV. Wasn't sure if anyone had done this or if they were available via some other method. Thanks...
  15. SV Battlers not appearing in battle

    Hi! I'm new to all of this stuff, and I encountered a problem My side-view battlers aren't appearing. I saw another post on this, but they just forgot to turn on the SV battle system I have turned on mine though I'm not quite sure what could be causing this. I thought it was one of...
  16. grubsky

    Are there any good scripts for RPG Maker 2003 style side view battle systems?

    I was wondering if I could get a script to mimic the side view in 2003, or at least come close to it. I'm sorry if i'm posting in the wrong topic, i'm kinda new to this forum altogether. Examples of what I would like are OFF and Space Funeral.
  17. RavenBlackbird

    Sprited SV_Enemies

    I didn't like how the art style of enemies didn't match the art style of player characters. So I decided to make actor sprites based from them. I'm including a reference Sprite for each battler just so it'll be easier to reposition the battlers in the troop tab. Also, this would need an animated...
  18. Ashouse

    Using Holder Style Battlers (for beginners)

    In this tutorial we will be resizing a Holder battler sheet and using a plugin to make it work for MV. Things you will need: The first thing you will need is a Holder battler sheet. You can get a bunch of them all at once here...
  19. NarikoStudios

    Idle animations

    Hey I was wondering if it could be possible to have Idle animations so like if you wait too long without choosing what to do the actors then change there idles and have like a waiting pose For example one of my actors is a Swordsman so after a little while he could put his sword away and have...
  20. NarikoStudios

    Held Spell Book with moving pages

    Hey, I was looking for a spell book to use in side view battlers the pages would move when she used a spell so if I could get a animation of a spell book flipping pages would be helpful a 3 frame animation of a spell book flipping pages would be good if can be done thankyou also if I...

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