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  1. Puppet Knight

    Custom Chanting Motions per Skill/Skill Type? RMMZ SV

    As the title says, I have been coming up with no relevant results. I'm looking to use custom casting motions (not the animations/effects) for Sideview Battlers based on the skills or skill types used. I assume there's a way to hardcode this but I'd much rather use a plugin and notetags as I do...
  2. TenraiEmiko

    How big is a 2k3 sideview spritehsheet / a single frame of such spritesheet?

    I haven’t touched 2k3 for a while, so I am not pretty sure on the image dimensions of that engine. I know (individual) tiles need to be 16 x 16 px, but not sure about battle graphics for actors since I haven’t familiarized with making sideview spritesheets yet… What is the size of a typical...
  3. Yanntastisch

    RMMZ Side-View Battle Actors on the left?

    Hello there. Is there a way to mirror the actors in the side-view battle of RPG Maker MZ, so they stand on the left side and the enemies on the right? I would really like to do that for my game. After some searching, I found this script for MV but I doubt that it would work for MZ. The only...
  4. Kage

    RMMZ / Need Help. How do you add Custom Size Side View Battlers with an Extra Animation Frames - any tutorials?

    Hi Everyone, I'm noticing on the internet that people have really amazing and visually exciting Battle Systems in their games. Mainly having larger battlers and more frames per animation for example when casting spells. Unfortunately, I can't find anywhere tutorials on how to implement that...
  5. Miseryfactory77

    RMMZ Request and questions custom sideview actors plugin

    Hi all im new to this software Judging by the looks of it its not much different from the mv version aside from looking prettier and other suttle changes. The thing is I was looking and I did not see anyway to use a custom sideview sprite sheet for the actors. Unless I am missing it? I know for...
  6. RMMV Is there a way to change sideview battler priority?

    I am using Yanfly's BattleCore, which allows to change sprite priority in battle, but it's limited to actors and enemies. What I wanted to do is to make a specific actor appear above everything else in side view - above all enemies, all allies and all effects\animations\weapons. Is it possible...
  7. BiometalNeo

    Left Sideview actors battle system (Novice level)

    It is common thing I have seen mentioned but I am trying to make it so my actors are on the left, and enemies on the right. Nothing has explained this simply that I can understand =_= Can someone help explain how to do this please?

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