sideview actor

  1. Miseryfactory77

    RMMZ Request and questions custom sideview actors plugin

    Hi all im new to this software Judging by the looks of it its not much different from the mv version aside from looking prettier and other suttle changes. The thing is I was looking and I did not see anyway to use a custom sideview sprite sheet for the actors. Unless I am missing it? I know for...
  2. RMMV Is there a way to change sideview battler priority?

    I am using Yanfly's BattleCore, which allows to change sprite priority in battle, but it's limited to actors and enemies. What I wanted to do is to make a specific actor appear above everything else in side view - above all enemies, all allies and all effects\animations\weapons. Is it possible...
  3. BiometalNeo

    Left Sideview actors battle system (Novice level)

    It is common thing I have seen mentioned but I am trying to make it so my actors are on the left, and enemies on the right. Nothing has explained this simply that I can understand =_= Can someone help explain how to do this please?

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